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You are late to work and you have the most important meeting of the year in an hour. Just when you are frantically going to through your presentation, your girl calls to wish you luck. You vent out all your frustration on her and blame her for everything.

You realise that everything your partner does now begins to annoy you, from banking to the bedroom. All the things you loved about her now irritates you. You want to shut shop but you still hold on to the memory. While it takes two to tango, it takes only one to trigger change.

Relationship expert Sonali Bedi tells you how to restore your relationship back to its health:

  • Date night

Nothing comes for free and that includes your love life too. You have to put an extra effort to make the cogs run well. With your work pressure, deadlines and family commitments, you are hardly left with any 'your' time. Set aside one day in the week as a date night where you two get to be with each other. Shut out friends and family or any other distracting factors for just one night.

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  • Use technology

Don't let distance play havoc in your relationship. Use mails, video chats and phone to be close to your special one. You don't have to write love ballads to make her feel special but a little note on how much she means to you will do the needful. You don't have to wait for the other person to call, just dial the number and surprise her.

  • Touch therapy

Like Winnie the Pooh said, "There is no such as too much hug". So go ahead and hug your loved one to show how much you care. If you love someone, show it everyday with cuddles and kisses, hand holding and snuggling up on the sofa. The first step should be to gradually build excitement and enthusiasm for touching, stroking and caressing each other. If you are both relaxed and happy with each other, things will progress from there.

  • Set the mood

It doesn't take much to impress a woman and a man who can cook is a turn on. You don't have to be a Michelin chef to win her heart. Set up popcorn and drinks and watch a movie together. And while you are at it, why not kiss and cuddle?

  • Play games

You need not have an intercourse every time you make out. Remember, sex should be fun and not a task. Find ways to giggle together and things to laugh about even when you're in bed. Sharing a naughty joke, tickling each other silly can be fun. Or how about playing board game and stripping. You won't mind losing at this game!

  • Make up

Fights are a part of all relationships but one should know where to draw the line. Don't rake up old dirt for more brownie points during the fight. There are some who believe that couples must make up before going to bed while some would rather sleep on it before continuing. Whatever you do, take time off to cool down.

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  • Communicate

For a healthy relationship, it is important to keep the lines open and that is also true when it comes to lovemaking. Even after being together for years, most couples are clueless about what gives the other satisfaction and therefore they are left guessing. So you need to tell your partner that and share with him something that you might like to try. When he is doing something you like, spur him on so that he knows he's on the right track.


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