Get your gifts right this festive season, guys

IT ALL begins with perfectly good intentions — simply to make one's partner happy. But most of the time it leaves the women in a state of despair. Ask most men and they will be clueless about what their wives/ girlfriends would ideally like as a gift.

As the season of festivities begins, here are a few pointers that should make most of the money and time spent in the effort far more fruitful this year.

1. YOU HARDLY ever go wrong with shoes. The first thing that you have to know about a woman is that it's never really too much when it comes to shoes. Her wardrobe may be overflowing, but another one — especially the one that is gifted by the man she loves — would always be tucked away at a special corner, probably only to be taken out on a special occasion.

It's not very difficult to figure out what kind of shoes your wife goes for. It may be pumps, stilettoes or boots. All one needs to do is take one pair of her shoe to get the size right while shopping.

The shoe salesman will only be too willing to help men out once they have spotted the one that would make their women happy. Blahniks and Choos are always there, but check out Khan Market and GK- II too for a few other options.

2. THERE'S NOTHING more intimate as a gift than your wife's favourite perfume. But let's say that somehow it's escaped a man's notice to read the label on the bottle on the dresse. It would make good sense to gift her a fragrance that represents the passion in the relationship. Women like to be made to feel sexy by their men. A good option among the latest perfumes to hit the market would be Beyonce's Heat.

From the name to the colour ( red) and the aroma ( Oriental vanilla), it's simply irresistible. That apart a few more options are Chanel No 5, Dolce & Gabbana's Pour Femme, Calvin Klein's Obsession or Victoria's Secret's Very Sexy Perfume. One cannot be very wrong with so many options around. All a man needs to do is figure out which fragrance would steal his woman's heart.

3. THE ONLY thing that you need to know while gifting jewellery is what your partner's favourite accessory is. Is it a ring, earring, a colourful neckpiece or bangles?

What you'd gift would depend on what you've seen her sporting for a long time. But a ring is always a good bet because it's considered to be a statement of love the world over.

4. AND IF you really want to splurge on your wife, the best thing to do would be to get tickets to a scenic, cozy destination and treat her to a weekend she would never forget. If it comes as a surprise to her, the lady's heart is won forever.

Reproduced From Mail Today. Copyright 2010. MTNPL. All rights reserved.

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