Your take: Is this cricket overdose?

Don't get me wrong; I love cricket. Maybe not as much as the guys who know Sachin Tendulkar's every score at every match, in ascending and descening order. But, I love cricket for what is does to my patriotism; and the overall thrill and excitement of it is a high in itself.

After the recently concluded World Cup, where after nearly the number of years I have lived on this earth, our cricket team won the prized cup, it's obvious that I was delirious with joy. I continued my father's legacy of driving around town and high-fiving and shaking hands of unknown people, and not to mention screaming my lungs out.

But I didn't get to have even a week to digest the 'huge-ness' of it all (obviously the win was that big for me), that I am bombarded with yet another cricket fiests, the IPL.

To quote my dear friend Arun Prabhu, who put up this up as his status message on Facebook few days back:
"There is no interest to watch IPL matches... This is too much to digest..... cricket overdose.. :(:(:("

And yet, This MenXP report says otherwise. According to the Men's magazine, 'No Cricket Burnout, IPL Still Enjoys Massive Popularity'. Check out the link for details.

In the last few years, IPL was so much more fun; but I must admit, this year, I am suffering from 'Cricket Fatigue'. Maybe it's because I screamed to the limit when our boys in blue lifted up the coveted World Cup. And so I am satisfied.

What about you? Are you tired of cricket? Or is IPL another reason for you to get more 'Cricketainment'.

Leave your comments in the comment box below.

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A World Cup Cricket recap:

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