5 Tips To Feel Closer To Her

Sigh. I wish every guy had this magical ability to see through what us girls want from them, and then do precisely that. So this post is dedicated to all those clueless boyfriends/husbands; my sincere wish is that you find some answers with this post.

Okay look. Let's face it. We girls are simple creatures. We like to be loved, pampered, spoiled, you know, the works. But, but, but… before you make up your conclusion, know this. Sometimes its just not that simple. And man, you have to keep up.

This nice story on gives a super explanation of how you men can bond better with us women. And trust me, if you follow these instructions, you will have a seriously happy partner (which makes a seriously happy you, right?

Laura Schaefer, the author of 'Man with Farm Seeks Woman with Tractor: The Best and Worst Personal Ads of All Time', wrote this story called 5 tips for bonding with her better, and here are some really reliable (believe me) tips she has given.

These are:

1. Pay attention to the little things

So true. If I mention to my guy while he is at work that I suddenly caught the sniffles, would I be overjoyed if that evening he brings home a huge family pack of ice-cream (even though it's my favourite)? No. I rest my case.

2. To keep up with her memory, take notes

It's a scientific fact: women remember everything. And that is why the daily planner was invented. So if we ask you to get the ironed clothes from the ironing-guy on your way home, there is a reason why we ask. All you have to do it remember to get it, or wear a crumpled shirt to work tomorrow.

3. Follow her calm lead versus instigating fights

In public places, especially in restaurants, how many times have you wanted to punch the waiter for getting the wrong item? Relax. That's you. But if you want to score extra brownie points with your woman, do keep that aggression (and tone as well) to the minimum and the politeness to the max.

4. Write her a poem… or at least a cute email

Yes. Yes. Yes. I know all guys are not the Lord Byrons and John Keats of the world; but hey, a romantic little handwritten note, or a cute e-card (no excuses, there are sooo many e-card websites) once in a while would be such a bonus … for you.

5. Be her serotonin

Now, there is a reason why women are much more emotional than men. It's a proven fact that women's brains produce much less serotonin — the 'happy' brain chemical — than male brains do. What does that mean? It simply means, we need to vent if we have a hard day at work, and we want your full attention. Also, a foot rub or massage would be such a bonus … again, for you. After all, you are scoring all those points, aren't you?

Try these out and tell me what you think. Leave your comments in the comments space below.

As for the ladies, for the other side of this story, make sure you read 5 Ways To Understand Him Better.

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