• When my sister and I were little, our dad would announce his arrival every evening by whistling outside the window. It was a ritual; we would hear his Rajdoot motorcycle rumble to a stop, and then the familiar whistle would follow. My sister and would leave everything we were doing and rush out to greet him.

    My dad recently celebrated his 60th birthday. "I have finally become a senior citizen," he exclaimed to me. We have both seen each other grow older, through my teen tantrums, leaving home for studies, and marriage, and through his innumerable official trips, transfers and his illnesses. But every now and then, when I watch a video such as this one, I cannot help but be transported to the beautiful days of old; a simple time when my father would come home from work, much to the glee of my sister and I.

    Whether you have a dad or you are a dad, this video is sure to bring back some memories. Share them with us. Leave your comments in the space below.

    Enjoy this video.

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  • Astrology's not just for giving you hints about your future. Momstrology, the new book from AstroTwins Ophira and Tali Edut, is full of smart, on-target parenting tips. Not so wonky after all, is it? By Ava Feuer, REBDOOK.

    You approach motherhood just like you do everything else--head-on. But even though you're confident and sometimes a bit diva-like--fellow Aries Kourtney Kardashian and Victoria Beckham definitely are--your fourth house of motherhood is in Cancer, meaning you've got plenty of maternal instinct and nurturing qualities. You naturally put your needs first, which makes motherhood a big adjustment. However, it's also helpful for teaching your kids independence and self-sufficiency. "You may be better at the playing the stereotypical 'dad' role…and you may be the tough disciplinarian," write the AstroTwins. "Even if you still play the stereotypical 'mom' role, your strength and boundless energy still permeate your every move."

    You're old-fashioned and rigid

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  • One of the most heartwarming portions of this TED talk is when, as he is introducing himself, Ziauddin Yousafzai says, 'Fathers are usually known by their sons, but I am one of the few fathers, who is known by his daughter, and I am proud of it.'

    Ziauddin Yousafzai is the father of one of the most famous women today, Malala Yousafzai. And in this video, he talks about a familiar problem of being born and raised in a patriarchal society. Women learn obedience, and men learn honour. And somewhere in between obedience and honour, so many children are crying out in pain.

    So what makes Malala different? The school teacher has a simple answer: 'Don't ask me what I did, ask me what I didn't do. I didn't clip her wings.'

    This video is inspiring in so many ways and raises burning questions about our society, a society where female infanticide is rampant even today.

    We urge you to take some time out to watch this entire video. We can promise you that you will want to watch it till the end.


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  • If you have experienced labour, and you come across two men who would dare to simulate that pain, how would you react? Most women would laugh.

    According to these two dads, women exaggerate, especially if it has to do with labour pains and child birth. Feeling invinsible and smug, they decide to go to a doctor who could help them simulate the pain. Dr. Julie Masters hooks them up to electrodes which would give them the feeling of contractions in the abdomen. What happens next is just hilarious.

    At one point, the wife of one of the cringing dads exclaims (with a snigger), 'Don't die, Danny!'

    When the hour-long ordeal came to an end, the only thing they could manage to say was: 'That was not good.'

    Thoroughly learning their lesson, and all in good faith, they apologise to their moms for causing them so much pain.


    Dear men, what would you say if you got a chance to experience 'simulated' labour?

    Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • At a red signal yesterday, my husband and I waited for the timer to tick its way to zero, and give us the green to proceed. It was a Sunday afternoon and the roads were relatively empty. A luxury sedan pulled up next to us, and seeing there was no traffic on the left or right side, drove past into the red light and sped away.

    As we continued to wait for the signal to turn green, I realised that I didn't feel bad for the man who broke the signal. He's an imbecile, I thought. He won't learn. But I certainly felt bad for the little boy sitting next to him in the passenger's seat, watching his dad breaking the signal. What of him, I thought? Will he turn into the next generation of signal-breakers?

    During a child's early years of growth, a parent is the biggest teacher and medium of influence. The child will learn how to mimic his/her parent's actions, words and personality. This will, in turn, influence their individual personality for the future. What kind of future personalities are you

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  • Carly Fleischmann's parents knew something was wrong when, as a child, she could not keep up with her twin sister over basic learning tasks. According to Huffington Post, Carly was diagnosed at age 2 with severe autism and cognitive delay and oral motor apraxia, which is a neurological disorder preventing speech. We can't speak to her because we don't know what she understands, and she can't speak to us because she's unable to speak.

    For the multiple therapists offering grueling hours of therapy every single day, the results were excruciatingly slow. At one point, friends and medical experts told Arthur, Carly's father, to give her up to a medical institution. But his response was simple. How can you give up your own child?

    At age 11, Carly was introduced to a computer, and something amazing happened. She typed two words: Hurt and Help.

    Everyone was surprised and thought it was a coincidence, because it was impossible to think that Carly could understand and communicate her feelings so

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  • This is the true story of Jazz, who at age 3, was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder.

    "I have a girl's brain in a boy's body," is how she simply explains what she went through from as early as age 2. From the time she could walk, she was attracted to girly clothes and footwear, and would feel distraught when not allowed to use the girl's toilet at school.

    But with supportive parents and an early diagnosis, Jazz now lives a girl's life. She has grown her hair and wears clothes she likes.

    Watch the incredible story of her life:


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  • Remember: They're always watching
    By Markham Heid, Men's Health

    You know it's not cool to smoke and swear in front of your children. But watching television? "If you want them to be active, you can't just order your children to go play while you watch TV," explains Carrie Contey, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and parenting expert. (Find Out: What Type of Parent Are You?)

    Just as your kids learn how to speak by listening to the sound of your voice, they learn how to live by observing your actions, Contey says. And even if you exercise every day, unless your kids see you working out--or at least putting on your workout gear and heading out the door--they won't understand that it's part of your routine. "If you come home every night and immediately turn on the television, they're going to assume that's what you're doing the rest of the day, too," Contey adds. And so they'll want to do that--and only that--themselves. Save your TV time for the hour or two after you've put the tykes to

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  • March 21 is celebrated all over the world as World Down Syndrome Day. CoorDown, coordinator of the Italian National Association of people with Down syndrome posted this heartwarming video that brought together 15 kids with Down Syndome from around the world.

    A to-be mother, worried that she was going to give birth to a child with Down Syndrome, wrote an anxious email to the institute.

    "I'm expecting a baby. I discovered he has Down Syndrome. I'm scared: What kind of life will my child have?"

    This video, titled "Dear Future Mom" is a response to that letter.

    We also bring you the true story of the White family. Heath and Jennifer White had everything going for them; both of them were college graduates, he was a pilot-turned-FBI officer. They knew their kids would be smart and beautiful, in short, perfect.

    The word 'perfect' was tested to the limit when they found out that their unborn second daughter, Paisley, had Down Syndrome.

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  • Post by Adarsh Varghese

    "…that’s Mireya’s dad," I hear someone say, as they walk up to me on a post-Church Service Sunday afternoon. Three years of practice have quickened my reaction time to such introductions and I smile; with a twinkly-eye matter-of-fact-ness that’s hard to ignore — I AM her father, and I love it!

    In the 9 months leading up to Mireya’s birth, my friends and family often said: you’ll be a great dad; you’re a natural! I gloated, but I also knew it’d take much more than “past successes” — elder brother-ing, baby-sitting and sunday school-ing — to be a great dad.

    ~3 years and 3 months on from the day my dottie was born, here are 10 “becoming-a-better-daddy” lessons I’ve learnt.

    1. Be patient - it’s a no-brainer that needs every-moment practice

    I’ve struggled with this; still do. Hearing a child scream drives me crazy, seeing my daughter throw a tantrum annoys me.

    I’m learning not to be quick to correct, but to wait and keep myself from saying too much. Thought over instinct Read More »from 10 lessons from 3 years of fatherhood


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