Wear sunscreen, skip the shine

SPF is a must year-round. But when high temps trigger oil production, it can be tempting to trade off protection for matte skin. Marissa Nemes, a Miami-based make-up artist describes how to have both...

sun screen
The Prep: Wash your face in the morning to nix the oil your skin produced while you slept

The technique:

1. Using a cotton pad, swipe your T-zone — the shiniest area of your face — with a mattifying toner. Those made with zinc absorb oil best.

2. Now apply a quarter-size drop of SPF to your face and neck. Lotion-sunscreen hybrids hydrate and protect in a single layer (the fewer the layers, the lesser the shine).

3. Let sunscreen get absorbed into your skin for five minutes, then use a blotting sheet (or a pulled-apart, two-ply tissue) to soak up any left-over residue.

4. Last, dust on an SPF-spiked powder (in a shade that matches your skin tone), which will give your skin a matte look for hours, while offering a second layer of protection.

Content Courtesy: Cosmopolitan

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