Glowing through the rains

Monsoon as a season is beautiful but brings with it skin and make-up woes. With high humidity levels during the season, make-up tends to run. By the time you get to work, you have patchy foundation and runny eyeliner. Renowned make-up artist Vidya Tikari shares some tips on how to tackle the monsoon make-up woes.

Glowing through the rains

You need to switch to a different kind of make-up in terms of texture during the monsoon months. Keep a few basics in mind to avoid being left with runny, patchy or even caked up make-up.

Remember to wash and cleanse your face thoroughly and rub an ice cube for five to ten minutes to reduce sweating and ensure your make-up lasts. While doing your base, opt for translucent foundations as opposed to the creamy variety that tend to run more easily.

Mineralised foundations with SPF that come in compact, powder or liquid form are best suited for humid weather. You can take your pick depending on the kind of coverage you need. And yes, a liquid mineral base works fine even in this season as it provides a thin, even coverage without causing sweat because it is not oil-based.

Also, the best part about mineral foundations is that they can be used at any time of the day. When it comes to doing your eyes, the best option is to use a gel liner which becomes waterproof within the first two minutes of application. It can also double up as kohl for lining the inside of the lower eye rim and does not smudge away easily, unlike regular kajal, which should be avoided during the rainy season.

Go for a waterproof mascara that lasts up to 10 hours without getting messy. Also, avoid using lip gloss in this weather, instead go for matte-based, long-stay lip colours. Most importantly, keeping blotting paper handy is a must for those who sweat heavily. Always remember to carry some in your bag before stepping out for the day.

MY TOP TIP - Don't forget to apply a good quality primer before you put on the base as it not only smoothens out the skin, but also allows it to sit well.

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