Freida Pinto’s Grecian look!

Bored of that blowie but still want your locks to stun? We loved Freida Pinto's Grecian-inspired updo. Try these tips to get her look...


How To:
A messy updo requires a lot of texture, so start with a volumising shampoo, then mist sea-salt spray through towel-dried hair.

Use a hairdryer to dry hair, using your fingers simultaneously to twist and tousle each section as you go along.

Apply dry shampoo to the roots for extra volume.

Tease the front sections of hair for height, then add a thin headband mid-way. Tease the remaining hair, and pull into a slightly loose, very high ponytail (if your hair is fine, use a dry texturiser for more hold). Twist the ponytail into a rope, and use bobby pins to hold it in place at the back of your head.

Using a bristle brush, randomly pull at sections of the hair for an unkempt finish. Mist with mediumhold hairspray for support.

Content Courtesy: Cosmopolitan
Photo Credit: Getty Images

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