Think like a stylist, look like a star

Fashion pros reveal the secrets to looking fabulously fash-forward, without shelling big bucks.

AccessoriesPick up neutrals
'It' colours will come and go—this season it's a blinding red, next season it may be a mellow yellow. So, focus on the more stable neutrals' palette and build a steady wardrobe around them. The LBD and classic white oxford have stood the tests of time, and lately, the slouchy grey t-shirt adds punch to the comfort factor. Make beige a permanent fixture in your wardrobe since it's not as harsh as brown, or as done-and-gone as black and white.

The nip and tuck

The fashion world is abuzz with the words 'signature style'. So what's the slickest way to own yours? Shove the front of your t-shirt into your jeans, push your sleeves above your elbows or cuff your trousers to flash a bit of ankle. Rough up your ensemble to add a bit more of you.

Don't buckle up
The skinny belt should be your BFF by now, but who says you have to stick to the old buckle bore? Adjust the width of the belt to fit your high-waisted maxi skirt, pleated trousers or that '50s-inspired dress and loop the extra length into a knot. Instant chic!

Identify your jewel personality
Unless you're going to a costume party or as Madame Bijoux, it's advisable to not resemble a jeweller's rack and keep the bling to the minimum. Don a statement piece to accessorise your look (we're thinking cocktail rings, chandelier earrings and unique necklaces). Like bare collarbones and deep necks? Chandelier earrings are just what you need. Wearing your hair in an updo? Drop earrings and bracelets are your aid.

Unkempt jeans
Denim fresh out of the laundry is meant to hug your body and adapt to your shape; a hot iron would just ruin its well-meaning intentions. While you're at it, scuff your jeans and let a pocket rip, there's nothing more contrived that a pair of straight-laced denim legs.

Make your shoes sing
Nothing would break a stylist's heart more than a scratched sole of a precious shoe. Since it was a necessity, there was an invention; a laundry to take care of the well-being of your shoes. Extend the life of your fave pair by getting them re-soled, remove harsh stains on them or fix a wobbly heel. We don't want to hear you're blue for your shoes.

Hunt for hosiery
In between clothing and accessories lies the vast world of hosiery—the impossible-tolive-without black tights, opaque stockings to wear with minis or ankle socks for a quirky twist. If you're looking to pull together your outfit on one of those lazy days, reach for a dark pair of footless tights or show just a sliver of bright socks for some personality.

Master the scarf
Scarves are easily the most versatile accessory: square scarves go for neck accents, while longer stoles can be fashioned into drapes. Break a monotonous outfit with a printed scarf. Look for animal, floral or abstract prints, or find an infinity snood you can snuggle into for sensible style.

A pin in time, saves nine
When Walter Hunt patented the safety pin, little did he know how indispensable it would be to a stylist's life. Stylist or not, keep the little multitasking wonder tucked away in your tiniest clutch or your roomiest day bag and avert possible wardrobe malfunctions. Or take a cue from Prince Pelayo's clustered safety pin t-shirt line and create a unique piece.

Collar central
It's a fashion conspiracy started by industry folk and solidly endorsed by cool girls Alexa Chung and Chloë Sevigny and child prodigy, Tavi Gevinson—done-up collars are a sure-shot way to get a foot into the door. Try the conservative button-up and pin on a bow, or do the two-tone thing with a boyish blue shirt and a shrunken cardi. If androgyny isn't for you, work on DIY detachable collars.

Shoes that make your legs seem longer
If you think the only route to leggy limbs is something as drastic as plastic surgery, you're wrong. Pumps do a great job elongating your legs, especially if you find a nude pair closest to your skin tone. As much as cage-y heels and ankle booties are in vogue, look for styles that cut right below your ankles and not above.

Let bad hair days go undercover
What do the Olsen twins, the Sex and The City foursome and Carmen Miranda have in common? Besides being style icons, they've successfully managed to camouflage bad hair days! Disguise unruly locks in luxe turbans, boho straw hats, and girly headgear a la Gossip Girl.

Erase those stains
Remember the countless times we've gone into panic mode after smudging a bit of red lipstick on our favourite blouse? Now this is purely insider information—first, take a deep breath; second, reach for a tube of non-gel white toothpaste or talcum powder and rub either of those ingredients on the stain inside and out. Then gently wash off. And the world is a happy place again.

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