Special occasions

Dress up to
suit your look

* Too tall and slender? Then choose fabrics that drape and
hang well to make the most of your long legs.

* If you have a voluptuous
body, avoid loud colours or big patterns. Instead, opt
for long tunic tops with plenty of layers in darker colours.

* Monochromatic dressing (one colour from head to toe) can make you look taller and

* If you have curvy hips and are proud of them, go for a
super-low boot-cut jean, which sits well on the hips and shows off your

* Wear clothes with larger prints to complement your assets, and
smallprint or plain garments for areas you don't want
to emphasise . say, heavy hips or

* If your upper body is noticeably smaller than your lower body
(you are pear-shaped), broaden your shoulder line with wide necks and colour; focus on or above your waist with a belt.

If you are plump, avoid sleeveless tops and dresses. Wear dark colours, and small prints or vertical-line prints that give
a slimmer look.

* Heavy hips? Give cotton sarees and Kota sarees a miss.
Go instead for "drapey" chiffons and

Home fashion rules

1. Your wardrobe
should show your personality, not the personality of the store's

2. Sometimes, less is more. Do not accessorise a dress that already has an attractive print or

3. Never stick to just one shop for all your clothes. You must
attempt an interesting variety.

Beauty sos

* Always carry a kohl pencil, an easyuse eyeliner and a glossy lipstick in your handbag. You
will need just five minutes to perk up!

* Also keep a powder compact with
you at all times. If you do not have time to do your makeup, just dust some
powder on your cheeks and forehead for instant radiance.

* Has your favourite nail polish become too thick? Just add a bit of
nail polish thinner to the bottle.

* Got a double chin? Put blusher under
the jawline to hide it.

* If your eyes are red,
avoid pastel or warm-toned eye shadows such as lavender and rust . they will play up your
crimson-tinted peepers.

10 natural beauty

1. Try this face pack to get an instant glow. Mix
sandalwood paste with a pinch of haldi and a few drops
of lemon juice. Apply for 15-20 minutes; wash off.

2. A party in the
evening? Apply honey on your face for 20 minutes and rinse. Your skin will get
instant radiance.

3. Want a natural skin tightener? Mix 1tbsp finely grated raw potato and 1tsp thick
curd. Apply on face and neck with a brush. Leave for 15 minutes. Wash off. (Also
see Beauty News)

4. Tired of dandruff? Apply a mixture of warm olive oil,
lemon juice and coconut oil on your scalp. Wrap on a hot towel for 15 minutes
and then shampoo.

5. You do not have to spend money on store-bought
scrubs. Simply mix brown sugar and honey into a paste to buff your body

6. Want healthy hair? Mix 1tbsp of almond oil with 1 egg yolk and
apply it to your scalp and hair. Shampoo off after 12 an hour.

7. Apply
raw egg on your hair and scalp. Egg yolk is good for dry hair, while egg white
balances out oily hair.

8. For cracked heels, melt paraffin wax, mix it
with mustard oil and apply on the affected area. Leave it overnight. Do this for
a week. the cracks should disappear.

9. To avoid
split ends in your hair, mix 1tsp each of castor oil, olive oil and mustard oil,
and massage the scalp for at least 30 minutes. Also apply it to the full length
of your hair. Cover the head with a hot towel. Shampoo as usual.

10. To
prevent your lips from blackening, apply the juice of lemon peel (just crush it
with a pestle). Do this twice a week.

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