• Rushdie missed some very serious partying at the JLF. Here's the proof

    Amidst all the flurry and fury surrounding Salman Rushdie at the JLF 2012 and the desperate rush to vicariously attach oneself to his perennial notoriety via impromptu 'protests' was also a very hectic social calendar for another species that has nothing to do with literature and simultaneously everything to do with it: the party animal. Here is a beginner's guide to who was seen with whom, never mind the why:

    Thank God It's Friday

    Held at Rambagh Palace, the Random House party was hosted off the lawns of this sprawling Taj property. And scintillating it was. For every Michael Ondaatje there was a Devika Bhojwani, for every Abhijit Banerjee (an economist pegged to win the Nobel Prize) there was a Suhel Seth, for every Mohammed Hanif there was a Czaee Shah, a Bombay socialite who buys paintings and throws brunches every now and then.

    Saturday Night, Taa Ree Ree Raa Raa Raa

    The Penguin bash was the biggest bash

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  • A black marble and glass entrance underlit with neon blue light at a kerb of the BKC (Bandra- Kurla complex) can be a flashback to one of those massively popular discotheques from the turn of the century. However, on entering the dining area is when you realize just how serious Yauatcha is about positioning itself on the city's culinary map. Split into three sections, the first dining area that greets you abuts the bar, with a long community table that promises some raucous times ahead. The second is a more luxurious seating area for diners to sit back and relax while nibbling into dim sums. The third is an even busier section catering towards power-lunchers from the neighbouring BKC business district. In addition to this, two private dining areas could give Sigourney Weaver from 'Working Girl' or Michael Douglas from 'Wall Street' the chance to hire (or fire) an entire board of directors. Power dining finally seems to have come of age in Bombay and Yauatcha is catering to this

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