• One editor reveals why
    she wouldn't say yes if her long-term boyfriend proposed
    today—and why she gives props to
    Waity Katie

    I have a confession to make: I look at wedding dresses online. A
    lot. I'm not in the market, but I just really enjoy virtually
    browsing through the gowns and imagining what I would look like in
    them. I'm guilty of doing the same with engagement rings,
    though only a handful of times. Again, not in the market. And
    I'd be lying if I said I've never put any thought into what
    song I want to use for my first dance. To anyone who doesn't
    know me well (or has looked over my shoulder while I'm at work
    browsing Gilt Bridal), I probably seem like the kind of girl
    who's dying to get married.

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    But actually, if Kris, my boyfriend of nearly four years, proposed
    tomorrow, I'd say no. Not because I don't love
    him. I do. And not because I can't imagine spending the rest of
    my life with

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  • You can learn more than just how to poke a voodoo doll from a bad relationship. These readers share their lessons.

    Archana Chaturvedi, 29
    "The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself. If you give up too much of who you are for your man, he's going to take everything you have. Also, after the relationship ends, you're left with little self-identity. Important take-back: love you the most.

    Kajal Gupta, 26
    "Making your relationship your number-one priority always ends badly. Always preserve your sense of individuality and prioritise what's important to you. Don't put your friends and career on the back burner because ultimately, they're the things that will help you survive the bad times.

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    Manvi Verma, 26
    "Never settle. If you have a feeling he's not right for you, trust your instinct. I came out of a bad relationship then meet someone exceptional, and learnt that there's always something better waiting around the corner if

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  • Ever wondered who sported the current trend obsession last time around?

    Bold brows


    THEN: In her youth, Brooke Shields was known for two things: her 1980 film, Blue Lagoon, and her thick eyebrows.


    NOW: Brooke had it right. Heavy brows come back every few seasons (like now) for their youthful appeal. Fatten up yours with some brow wax followed by powder.

    Cleopatra peepers


    THEN: A youthful Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra in the 1963 movie of the same name, wearing a heavily winged eye teamed with a vibrant aqua shadow. Her look in the movie was the talk of the town when it released.


    NOW: Inspired by the Queen on Egypt, models at the SS/011 Preen show wore a turquoise eye. "Very Catherine Deneuve, but super minimal, says James Kaliardos, make-up artist and creator of the Preen runway look. Make it more current and wearable by keeping the aqua below the eye socket.

    The Sex Kitten

    THEN: French 1960's actress Bridget Bardot hit it on the head with flushed lips, smoky eyes and bed

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  • By Robin Hilmantel

    Skype and BBM help, yes, but to make your romance really last, you need the latest LDR intel. Here, ideas proven to superglue your connection and rev up your passion.

    These days, long-distance relationships are almost the norm. New reports show that millions of people are registering for professional degrees, and most would move for a job as well. Plus, all the new technology is helping fuel the trend. "E-mail, texting, and Skype allow you to stay perpetually in touch, so you opt to be apart when faced with the decision, says Diana Kirschner, PhD, author of Love in 90 Days. "But it can be unexpectedly difficult to maintain your bond if you don't keep up certain key things that feed your connection.



    So how do you keep the love hot and strong? One proven success tactic: finding fresh, exciting ways to keep things playful when you're apart. "We continue to discover how important novelty is in relationships, says psychologist Seth Meyers, PsyD, author of Dr. Seth's

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  • I apply lip balm before bed. Could it be creating zits and blackheads on my chin?

    Yes, says Harold Lancer, a dermatologist in L.A, US. While you sleep, certain ingredients in lip balm (things like cocoa-seed butter and waxes) can liquefy at body temperature and spread to the skin above and below your lips. But if you wash your face in the morning, you'll nix the pore-clogging residue.



    Is there any way to fix a flatiron-singed piece of hair?

    Trim the tattered tips so they can't break off. Grab a set of cuticle scissors (short shears make DIY jobs easy), point them up into the section, and make a series of small V-shaped snips all the way across, says Evelia Godinez, stylist at NYC's Blow Salon. If the damage is from the mid-shaft up (rather than the ends), see a pro immediately who can work his/her magic on your mane.

    I apply lip balm before bed. Could it be creating zits and blackheads on my chin?

    Yes, says Harold Lancer, a dermatologist in L.A, US. While you sleep, certain

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  • Yes, she's slightly terrifying as head of her fashion public-relations firm, People's Revolution, but Kelly Cutrone has some badass work game that we're dying to bottle. These no-BS tips—all culled from her best-selling book, If You Have To Cry, Go Outside — will score you major points with the boss lady...or man.



    Check your emotions at the door

    One of the first rules you learn when you start working for me is that if you have to cry, go outside. Picture this: an intern carrying a gown worth a hefty amount up the steps doesn't notice that she's dragging it on a hardwood floor that was constructed in 1898 and has been soaking up dirt and grime ever since. The bottom of the beautiful gown is soon black, and rather than being on its way to a shoot with a major fashion magazine, it is now headed to the dry cleaner, thus costing my client a huge opportunity. In this situation, I don't have time to be sweet and say, "Oh, excuse me, honey, could you please be a little bit more careful?

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  • 1 His car crashes

    Car or plane wrecks that happen while
    he's clocking zzzs typically represent a feeling of
    helplessness in some aspect of his life—for example, if his finances are a mess
    and he doesn't know how to fix them, he is all the more messed up because it's
    out of his realm of control.

    2 He's Trapped in a Scary Place

    This symbolises his desire to protect the
    people he cares about most, which he acts out by navigating the terrifying
    scenario. This dream might occur if he thinks his friends or family are
    threatened (maybe his parents are fighting or his buddy just got his heart

    3 He Loses His Job

    Men get their sense of
    self and well being from how and what they're doing at work. So any man who gets
    the pink slip mid-slumber when he is blissfully dreaming is suffering from some
    serious feelings of inadequacy, which may or may not be

    4 He Gets Into a Brawl

    If he's
    physically attacked in a dream, it means he's under a
    lot of pressure in real life. It

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  • Q: I can't
    afford a headboard for my bed. How do I lose the dorm look?

    A: Paint a headboard! It is cheap and takes no time at all.
    Choose a colour that complements your bedding, and
    paint a large rectangle right above where your bed sits. With a contrasting colour, paint a 3- to 4-inch border around the rectangle.

    Q: I have a bunch of photos I want to display. Any suggestions on how?

    A: Order varying sizes of prints from redcover.com/Getty
    Images Eric Cohler, an interior designer in New York City who can
    make any room look great, comes to the rescue. your
    local photo shop. Then invest in the same frame in different sizes and hang
    them in groups. If you want the display to be really fancy, pick frames that
    have mats in them.

    Q: What's a simple way to make my puny space appear bigger?

    A: Most people stay away from darkcoloured
    paint, but if you use a deep hue on only your ceiling or one wall, it helps it
    recede, making the room seem larger. Also, use touches of light colours everywhere

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  • If you're a true-blue Cosmo girl, you'll love everything that's glam,
    including the yummy pair of boyfriend capris you
    simply must own. It's pricey but, hey, hasn't your salary just come in? Before
    your swipe-happy self takes over, stop and think.

    The beginning of the month is
    also the time when your credit card statements pop up and you find your fetish
    for the fancy is costing many pretty pennies. Fear not! We've sussed out how to demolish the debt demon.

    Cut down on card usage

    How much cash is enough? This is a toughie but there
    is a way to figure it out. Before setting out with shopaholic
    sisters, allot yourself a budget which can help you buy all you need, and make
    a trip to the ATM. You may not be used to handling hard cash in these times of
    automated transactions, but the sight of a wallet overflowing with greenbacks
    is definitely something that'll tap your pleasure pulse. Plus, it'll help
    prevent plasticinduced panic attacks when you see
    your card statement.

    List out the urge

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  • By Korin Miller

    Who would have thought closet-stricken S&M would
    spill out in the open and become fashionable? We find out why celebs have embraced it...

    When Rihanna appeared on the cover of one of her singles wearing
    barbed wire, our first thought was just, 'Huh, that's racy'. But combined with
    Shakira's recent cage dancing and Christina Aguilera
    tied up in leather and bondage in Not Myself Tonight, it all points to
    a troubling trend. These stars are successful enough that they can call the
    shots when it comes to what they wear and which themes they explore. So why are
    they all suddenly embracing S&M?

    Return of raunch
    In 2006, the lady-like '50s pin-up look
    was everywhere. Stars from Beyonce to Scarlett Johansson stepped out in Marilyn-esque styles and red lipstick. And not long before that, the
    rage was bad-girl gear. Remember X-tina's
    controversial 2002 Dirrty video and everyone showing
    off their thongs?

    "Now celebs are back to being
    nasty, but this time, the bar has been raised

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