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  • Going back to the roots intends to give traditional handicrafts industry a boost by celebrating World Ethnic Day


    In the late 90s, 45-year-old Banwari Lal Laxkara, a resident of Nashirabad would take a bus to Ajmer every week and sit at a cyber café for a few hours. A bangle-maker and seller by profession, Laxkara painstakingly learnt how to operate a computer.  By 2010, internet access reached his town and the World Wide Web opened a host of opportunities for him. And then he discovered “I used to sell bangles in the neighbouring towns and by turnover was ten thousand. In 2011, I started selling my stuff online and today it is three million per year,” he says.

    Laxkara is among hundreds of vendors whose lives have changed for good.  The idea of starting Craftsvilla was conceived on a road trip to Kutch, where many artisans and NGOs reside. “This was the turning in my life as I noticed how inadequately marketed these beautiful handicrafts were because of the middlemen. Instantly, I started researching on how a marketing platform can be made to bring these

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  • Did you know these foods could kill you?

    These everyday foods have the potential to poison you.

    These everyday foods could kill you. Yes! Potatoes, cherries, even rajma are potentially dangerous if not eaten the right way.

  • Crane versus three tigers: Guess who wins?

    A red-crowned crane accidentally fell into a tiger enclosure in a China zoo. The curious tigers immediately went over to investigate the bird and possibly eat it for lunch. But they were in for a shock, when the crane retaliated like never before.

    Take a look at the video to see what happened.

  • Vikas Khanna launches 'World's Most Expensive Cookbook' at Cannes

    It has taken more than 12 years for Michelin Star Chef to research, write, photograph this book which is setting the price of the most expensive cookbook in the World (Rs. 8 lacs or US$ 13,000).

    Vikas Khanna's latest book 'Utsav - A culinary epic of Indian festivals' was unveiled to the world at French Riviera in Cannes during the weekend. This is the first cookbook in 68 years of Cannes Film Festival that a cookbook is being launched here.

    It has taken more than 12 years for Michelin Star Chef to research, write, photograph this book which is setting the price of the most expensive cookbook in the World (Rs. 8 lacs or US$ 13,000).

    The limited edition of the book will have a poem embossed in gold ink.

    Vikas will hand deliver this cookbook to the world's top 12 leaders who have inspired him as a gratitude and to his “Motherland to the World”. This journey will start from India's PM Narendra Modi.

    The book celebrates India’s known and lesser-known festivals. Their rituals, ceremonies and customs of food through sacred ingredients. This is Chef Khanna’s 21st book and is dedicated to the Transgender community of India.

    "The journey of anything auspicious begins with transgender

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  • Next time you open your door for a salesperson, remember this video

    We all have encountered, at some point in time, pesky salespersons, who were determined to ruin our off-day-afternoon-naps. And while most building societies now have strict no-salesperson rules, once in a while, they manage to sneak in anyway.

    On mother's day this year, Terribly Tiny Tales created this short film called Mamta Tonic. Considering they are called Terribly Tiny Tales, watch out for a less than happy ending.

    This film by Srinivas Sunderrajan features popular actor Suhita Thatte as well as Shabnam Vadhera, Kiran Thapar and Atika Chohan.

    About TTT - terribly tiny tales brings together a diverse pool of fantastic writers to create one tweet-sized story, everyday. We invite readers to contribute a word from which the writer picks a word of his/her choice.

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  • Balancing Act: Mother or wife?

    34-year-old Rajiv Shekhar (name changed) had been contemplating suicide for two months. Shekhar who had been married for less than a year, lives with parents and a younger sister and is caught between his wife and mother. Each time, he found himself forced to take sides and ended up offending the other.

    Things had turned into worse with his wife threatening to leave him if he doesn’t move out of the house and his mother siting old age and asking him to take care of his aged parents. As a result, he started slipping into depression and stayed out of the house as long as he could.

    His work suffered and he missed the promotion he was working hard for the last two years. Unable to carry the burden of worries anymore, Shekhar decided to end his life and confided in his best friend who directed him to the SamaritansMumbai helpline, an offshoot of Samaritans UK, and now a part of Befrienders India. Samaritans is a suicide prevention helpline.

    Sonal Panda, counselor at

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  • One of 2014's Most Searched DIY Products: Listerine Foot Bath

    Photo credit: <em id=yui_3_15_0_1_1418804331207_1220>Listerine</i>
    Photo: Listerine

    If you think “Listerine footbath soak" sounds both appalling and oddly intriguing, you’re not alone. The weird home spa treatment is one of the top 10 most-searched DIY projects on Yahoo for 2014.

    It’s been steadily builiding as a trend on Pinterest, and the collective rave reports its gotten suggest it can cure even the most calloused and cracked feet in a single soak.

    Photo: via Pinterest

    Here’s the recipe:

    Listerine & Vinegar Foot Soak

    • 1 cup Listerine (or any antiseptic mouthwash)
    • 1 cup Vinegar (white or apple cider)
    • 2 cups warm water

    After an hour-long soak in the tingling mixture, feet are certainly softer and prepped for a solid pumice stone sloughing session – but how much of this has to do with the ingredients of Listerine and how much is just soaking feet in water for a long time?  Besides emerging with a temporary case of cartoonish blue feet (don’t worry, this fades!) what does the Listerine actually do other than providing a “tingling” effect?


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  • Skip the gym and party instead!

    Morning Gloryville is an immersive musical and creative experience, rewriting the rules of both raving and fitness. Join the party tomorrow and start your day with energy!

    On Wednesday 15th October, Morning Glory Experiences Ltd, a London (UK) based events company will host its second, unique early morning dance experience entitled Morning Gloryville ~ Rave Your Way Into The Day!’ in Bangalore.

    Morning Glory Experience Ltd is an events company that is a trailblazer in conscious clubbing, creating monthly sober early morning dance experiences, entitled ‘Morning Gloryville ~ Rave Your Way Into the Day! encouraging its community to lead a conscious, joyful and inspired life.

    Now Morning Gloryville is live in Bangalore —the home of self-expression and passionate open-minded people who love to try new things. Bangaloreans are rejigging their usual morning routines by experiencing a brand-new — sober! — style of clubbing between 6.30am and 10.30am, before heading to work.

    On arrival attendees—who are named ‘citizens’— are welcomed by Morning Gloryville ‘Wake Up Angels’ offering free massages, alongside fresh smoothie and coffee bars, a line-up of world-class DJs,

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  • Flash mob on #WorldMentalHealthDay

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. A flash mob in Bangalore aims to spark conversations around the subject of mental health.

    World Mental Health DayOctober 10th marked World Mental Health Day, themed Living with Schizophrenia for 2014. While schizophrenia affects 26 million people around the world, and is a fully treatable disease, less than half that number has access to treatment. The most significant reason for this is the stigma that is attached to mental illness. When we fall and break a leg, we ask friends to decorate our casts with colourful markers; when we are in a bad accident, we talk about it with our friends. We show off cuts and bruises from sporting injuries, but we never talk about mental illness.

    World Mental Health Day aims aims to promote and advocate mental health to the global community, to encourage conversations around mental health, and to get rid of the stigma that clouds these conversations. Talking about it is the first step to seeking help.

    So what can you do? We loved this article that debunks the 5 most commonly held misconceptions about mental illness. If you can debunk these myths for yourself,

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  • Best kept anti-ageing secrets

    Aishwarya, Madhuri and Sridevi have one thing in common. Yes, they are actresses par excellence, but most importantly they have all crossed their thirties (or are just on the brink of it). In spite of this, they are all ageless beauties.

    These Bollywood divas have managed to beat fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing. They look exquisite every time they walk out of their homes. Do you want to know the secret behind their gorgeous skin? Well, read on to find it out:

    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

    Drink lots of water to stay eternally youthful like AishDrink lots of water to stay eternally youthful like Aish

    Aishwarya Rai feels that a person's face reflects what he or she is truly thinking. So, if you want to look beautiful, you must believe in yourself and stay positive and confident at all times.

    Her indulgence: Gram flour (besan) is her skin exfoliating secret, and she refuses to travel anywhere without it. She massages her face with milk and yoghurt to keep it soft and uses cucumber to soothe her skin.

    Beauty mantra: Aishwarya drinks minimum ten glasses of water daily. She says that drinking water not only hydrates the body but also detoxifies it. It gives hair and skin an ethereal glow.

    Hema Malini

    Hema Malini, though 64 years old, does not look a day older than 40, thanks to her strict exercise regime, balanced diet and her

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