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  • 10 Ways to Help Your Kids Succeed

    Help your children become successful on and off the court.

    I want my three daughters to succeed in everything from schoolwork to after school activities. I hope they'll find something they love and that they can excel at. I want them to be happy and well-adjusted.

    In short, I want it all for them. How can I help them on the road to success?

    1. Teach them to lose gracefully.

    Kids who always win aren't going to be ready for the real world. Teach your child how to deal with disappointment. Let them see you try and fail while maintaining your composure.

    2. Encourage perseverance.

    Children need to learn to get back up after they fall. When you fall down, get back up and try again. Successful individuals are persistent people.

    3. Be a constant presence.

    Be there when your child needs help with their homework, a ride to soccer practice, or someone to talk to. The key to raising successful kids isn't an expensive present - it's your presence.

    4. Cheer loudly.

    Be your son or daughter's biggest cheerleader in whatever

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  • 10 Ideas for Family Time with Busy Schedules

    A typical day for my family includes full-time work for dad, part-time work for mom, gymnastics classes for all three girls, moms morning out for my toddler, elementary school for my older daughters, Girl Scout meetings, homework, cooking, cleaning and (very occasionally) sleep. Whew. So where can we make time for our family with busy schedules all around?

    1. Family breakfasts are a great alternative to a family dinner when school events and activities seem to get in the way. Don't just grab a banana and run out the door. Set everyone's alarm clock ten minutes earlier and sit down at the table and start the day as a family.

    2. Game nights are popular choice for busy families. Don't restrict yours to night or weekends. Select a weekday afternoon when everyone can clear their schedules, for instance, and order pizza as a special early dinner treat.

    3. Do your homework together. Don't let the kids walk in the door and head their separate ways-eat a snack together and make

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  • 15 Ways to Show Your Patriotism

    Summer is filled with opportunities for you and your children to show your spirit.Summer is filled with opportunities for you and your children to show your spirit. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, patriotism is often the unofficial sponsor of the season. Get your children and your entire family in on the action this, and every, year with these 15 fun-filled ways to be patriotic.

    1. Fly the flag. Do you fly a flag outside of your home on a regular basis? Do. It's an opportunity to teach your children flag etiquette and to show your spirit to the neighborhood!

    2. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Jeans with flag patches on the knees or inexpensive t-shirts are a fun way to dress up your attire in a patriotic way.

    3. Get baking. Make flag-shaped cakes or cupcakes topped with raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries as Old Glory.

    4. Host a neighborhood get-together. Invite the neighbors over for a Memorial Day BBQ, 4 th of July picnic, or run through the sprinkler on Labor Day. These patriotic holidays are an opportunity to join together as a

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