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  • Labour manual

    The Indian legal system is about as convoluted as our intestines-and laws relating to labour and employment issues aren't any different. While this labyrinthine nature of laws is good in some ways-it helps in covering almost every aspects of a person's life-it can also lead to some pretty confused situations.

    But all this confusion also has another benefit-a benefit for your employer that is. Employee rights in India are wide ranging and extensive, they aren't exactly advertised on billboards, nor are they flashed in advertisements during your favourite soap. This gives many an unscrupulous employer a chance to take advantage of the fact that most employees have no idea what they're entitled to under the law. To remedy that, we've pooled in the experts to wade through the legal jargon and debunk some of the popular myths surrounding the rights of the Indian worker.

    You're entitled to a bonus

    "An employee is not legally entitled to any performance bonus," says Arjya Majumdar, an

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