Top 10 Beauty Foods

Chow down on antioxidant- and zinc-rich oysters, dark chocolate, and blueberries for a clear complexion.

  • History's craziest diets

    The most mind-bending diets that the human race has subject themselves to over the course of a century.

    Did you think the Cottonball diet was nuts? Wait till you find out about the tapeworm diet - yes, people would eat tapeworms so that the parasite in their stomachs would prevent them from gaining weight!

    And let's not forget the cigarette diet, where it was actually recommended to light up whenever you were struck by the urge to eat. Fact is truly stranger than fiction.

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  • The sleep test

    Are you sleep deprived? Answer these questions to find out.

    Professor Richard Wiseman has designed this simple sleep test to help you understand whether or not you are sleep deprived. Watch the video and find out for yourself.

    If the answer to those questions is yes, try a little yoga to help you sleep better.

    Can't see the video? Take the written test here.




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  • If you thought racism is not an issue in India, you are hugely mistaken. In the land of diverse cultures and castes, racism has become such an intrinsic part of daily life that they are used as "harmless" jokes.

    While watching the movie '2 States' recently, I was appalled when the Punjabi protagonist Krish's mother boasts about her son's fair complexion to his Tamilian girlfriend's family. According to her, her son's girlfriend may be fair skinned, but that cannot be said of all "madrasis" (a slang that commonly refers to all south Indians). They all have a dark complexion (kaale), she argued.

    And to top it all, more often that not, it is all taken in jest, with most people often having a good laugh.

    But being half-north-east (my mother is from Nagaland), I feel the larger brunt of racism is endured by the people from the north-east. With jibes such as 'Are you from China', or 'You look chinky, where are you from', the good people from the north-east are poked fun at all times.

    I was

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  • From Habal-habal to Boda-Boda - Taxis on two wheels

    Ever taken a ride on a motorcycle taxi? They're not always the choice of the affluent but solo travelers can enjoy unusual experiences in Nigeria, Thailand, Cambodia and even in Goa

    As travelers, we have all experienced claustrophobia, and the worst example of it is perhaps being crammed in a moving vehicle with half the village population of humans, children, livestock, fish and vegetables. It's one thing to experience this aboard a bus or a truck, or even a taxicab full to the gills with people, but ever tried it on a motorbike taxi?

    Yes, a motorbike taxi isn't always a ride for two. There’s a joy in it, no doubt, for the inveterate solo wanderer, but for most people in many parts of the world, these undignified modes of public transport are ways of life. They are cheap and often the only option available to them.

    A motorcycle that can carry 10 passengers sounds uncanny but in the Philippines, such two-wheeled vehicles, known as Habal-Habal, routinely carry up to that many passengers along with their baggage. They are most common in remote villages that have rough and narrow roads. The ride is often used by farmers taking their goods to market.

    Habal-Habal is a

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  • 'Yahoo brings Vikas @ Home' is a brand new 52-week video series from Yahoo Lifestyle Cuisine. Every week, Masterchef Vikas Khanna will bring you one dish that has made a difference in his life; as he shares the recipe, he will also share his experiences and stories behind that recipe. Stay tuned for an exciting 52-week journey with Chef Vikas.


    This week, Chef Vikas shares memories of being his grandmother's apprentice. Lawrence Garden was the first restaurant they opened. While the original restaurant closed when Chef Vikas moved to the US, some recipes, like this one, will always remain close to his heart.



    1 cup gram flour (besan)

    1 heaped teaspoon carom seeds

    1 teaspoon cumin powder

    1 teaspoon red chilli powder

    1 teaspoon coriander powder

    Salt to taste

    500 gm cottage cheese cut into 1/3 inch thick slices

    2 large tomatoes, finely sliced

    Oil for deep frying

    2 cups breadcrumbs

    3 teaspoons chaat masala


    1.    In a mixing bowl, combine gram

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