Beyoncé Knowles–mDhil Diva

Beyoncé Knowles – A singer, producer, actor, songwriter, humanitarian, performer and a mother. Do we really need more reasons to call her a mDhil Diva?

Beyonce_Knowles - mDhil DivaBeyonce_Knowles - mDhil DivaWho is Beyoncé Knowles?

An international singing sensation who shot to fame as the lead singer of an all girls band “Destiny’s Child”, Beyoncé Knowles is no stranger to the challenges life offers. From depression to unhealthy eating habits to a miscarriage, she has had the strength to overcome it all in a dignified manner despite the constant media hoopla around her.

Well known for her curves, she’s defied norms in the industry that idolizes skinny women.

Beyoncé Knowles – One of the most influential musicians in the world

Knowles has won several awards in her career spanning over two decades which include 16 Grammy Awards and 11 MTV music awards. She has sold over 75 million records which makes her one of the best selling artists of all time! Several artists, including Adele, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry consider Beyoncé their role model.

Though she’s always been praised for her highly curvy but fit body, her highly publicised unhealthy eating habits have been severely criticized. Eventually, after attempting a maple syrup diet Beyoncé realised the importance of taking her care of her body and its fitness. Ever since, she has been supporting an almost vegan healthy diet which she’s continued post pregnancy.

She’s championed the cause of children’s issues by co-writing a song “Stand up for love”, which serves as the anthem of World Children’s Day, an annual event celebrated on November 20. In 2011, Beyoncé joined Michelle Obama’s “Lets Move” campaign to battle childhood obesity. She recorded a hugely successful song which aims at getting children up and moving. You can watch the official clip here.

Knowles is also a humanitarian who is known to routinely reach out to hurricane victims and for contributing heavily to rehabilitation efforts.

Why is Beyoncé Knowles a mDhil Diva?

A woman who has retained her grit despite adversities, overcome challenges and seen the lofty heights of success like no other, Beyoncé is still competitive and raring to go. As she takes her first few steps into her latest challenge, motherhood, we wish this mDhil Diva the best of luck.

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