Best Exercises for Better Cleavage

Breasts are composed of adipose tissue or fat. Thus, you cannot enhance the size of breasts or make them bigger, by itself. However, beneath the breasts, lies a complex network of pectoral muscles (pecs). These are referred to as muscles of chest. By exercising the pectorals, you can augment the overall volume of your bustline.

You need to combine various types of chest exercises. These exercises are useful for improving your overall posture and getting rid of underarm fat along with increasing your bust size and making your cleavage perkier.

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Overhead Dumbbell/Military Press

  • Stand up straight or sit on a small stool or flat chair. Keep your shoulders slightly back.
  • You can use two, one liter water bottles as the free weights or dumbbells. Hold one weight, in each hand.
  • Let your arms slightly lose and raise the weights to your shoulder level. The stance should have your elbows below the wrist, at a right angle to your bust.
  • Now, take a deep breath. Hold your breath and raise the weights above your head. Bring them back to the shoulder level and exhale slowly.

Note: This is one complete repetition. Do at least five sets of 8 repetitions each.

Front Dumbbell Raise

  • Stand absolutely straight with your hands on your thighs.
  • Hold the 1 kg free weights in each hand.
  • Your palms should be facing your body.
  • Now, raise the right hand, until it reaches the level of your shoulder. Slowly, bring it back. Do the same with the left hand.

Note: This constitutes one repetition. Do at least four sets of 8 repetitions each.

Lateral Fly/Raises

  • The starting position is the same as you will be using in the front dumbbell raises. However, the hands need to be positioned at your sides, i.e. parallel to each other, facing your hip, on either side.
  • Ensure your legs are as wide as the shoulder width to ensure easy movement. Like a bird extends her wings, raise your arms to the side, up to the shoulder level.
  • Bring down the arms to the starting position. You have now completed one repetition.

Note: This exercise needs slower repetition and precise posture. Start with just three sets of 6 repetitions each.


Push-ups are the ideal way to firm-up your pectorals and add volume to the bustline.

Wide-hand push-ups: Try to do more of the wide-hand Push-ups. Here, the stress induced by the body movement is spread across the pectorals. Close grip means you are concentrating the effort on your arms.

Modified push-up: If the conventional push-up is hard for you, you can try the modified push-up. Here, your feet, up to the knee level are placed on the floor. By raising your body on your arms and knee caps, you reduce the effort needed to complete the movement.

Swimming and Resistance band exercises

Place a high-resistant band under your feet. Hold either ends of the band in your hands. Your hands should be in a stance similar to the Lateral Fly. Combine this with a few laps of swimming as it helps to strengthen the entire torso.

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