Beauty News! Hillary Clinton Scrunchie Gate!

Beauty News!  Hillary Clinton Scrunchie Gate!

The Pearl Scrunchie

Across the Atlantic the Presidential race is hotting up so every little detail counts and that includes Eighties throwback hair accessories like the frumpy scrunchie Hillary Clinton!  However, contrary to other reports, rumours of a ‘scrunchie ban’ with her advisors panicking about the opinion polls, here at GraziaDaily we think that HC’s armoury of scrunchies aren’t that bad!  In fact, we think that when you compare Hillary’s look now to her First Lady style, we prefer her scrunchie chic era!  There’s the pearl, Chanel-esque version, the classic velvet number and then the all American white, over- sized type that she teams with her all American blue coat for outdoor appearances. 


Beauty News!  Hillary Clinton Scrunchie Gate!Beauty News!  Hillary Clinton Scrunchie Gate!

Hillary's armoury of scrunchies


Beauty News!  Hillary Clinton Scrunchie Gate!Beauty News!  Hillary Clinton Scrunchie Gate!

'Mom hair' be gone!

There’s one fashionista though that would disagree, Carrie Bradshaw made firm her opinions on the historical hair band, making it clear that a scrunchie should never be seen in public on a native New Yorker and be banished to the bathroom.  In a recent interview, an aide to HC explained the reasoning behind the accessories abundant appearance; 'as a chick, it's a big pain in the butt. The weather is different, and you’re in and out of the plane'.  Sounds practical enough to us! After growing her mom hair longer so that she could have ‘more options’, we think that we might finally forget the bright, shiny pants suits of old, in exchange for Mrs Clinton’s stylish new scrunchie look. Could they become the new Sarah Plain lip liner tattoo debate during campaign season? With her fellow colleagues in the Clinton camp feeling that the scrunchie could be switched with a more on trend hair accessory, we think that HC might be helping the comeback of scrunchies.  We know you all have one in your bathroom cabinets….somewhere.

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