Banish bingo wings and get toned arms like Jennifer Aniston!

Banish bingo wings and get toned arms like Jennifer Aniston!

Despite the wet weather, we are confident that strappy top season is just around the corner. So get body confident with these at-home moves from Fitness First’s Health and Fitness expert, Dave Petersen, guaranteed to give you arms like Jen. 

The Side Plank

This little move will target love handles, muffin tops and bingo wings.

Lie on your side with your body in a straight line, your elbow under your shoulder and your feet stacked.

Keeping tall and tight, raise your hips off the floor and hold the position.

Do not let your hips drop and squeeze your glutes to keep your hips forward and your body in a straight line.

Close Grip Press Up

From the basic plank position, bring your hands closer together and keep your glutes and abdominals tight and aligned.

Lower your whole body to the floor in a controlled movement – do not just let your hips / chest move toward the floor – think of moving as one whole unit.

Return to the start position by pressing your body away from the floor

Goblet squat (10 reps)

Holding a kettlebell against your chest, stand with your feet just outside shoulder width with your toes slightly turned out.

Squat down with the aim of getting your elbows to the inside of your knees – it is OK to push your knees out with your elbows.

Remember to keep your chest up through the movement.

Kneeling curl and press (10 reps)

With weights in hand, kneel on a mat and keep tall – think about pushing the top of your head toward the ceiling and keep your glutes and abdominals tight.

Keeping your tall position, curl the weights to your shoulders then press one weight above your head and lower back to your shoulder.  Repeat with the other weight.

Return both weights to the start position by reverse curling them. 

Mountain climbers (60 seconds)

Begin in the press up position and bring your right knee toward your chest (you can tap the toes on the floor) – this is the start position.

Without taking your hands off the floor, quickly switch your feet (left foot forward and right foot back).

Continue to alternate your feet as fast as you can.

Remember to stay controlled – you can always reduce the speed to maintain good technique.

RDL  (10 reps)

Holding a kettlebell or a weight in each hand, stand tall with your feet hip width part.

Keeping your chest up and your knees straight, push your bum back as far as you can until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings.

Now pump it up! 

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