• Dating the 'RIGHT' Way!

     Do you open the door for your date to get-in and get-out of your car everytime you two go out? Do you pull the chair for her to sit in a restaurant? Do you actually `listen` to her when she`s talking to you? Dating is a fine art. If you do not get the colours right, you would end up ruining the entire painting. So, it is imperative to paint the picture of love with the right set of colours if you wish to turn your date into your future soulmate.  We, therefore, did some research on our part and came up with some very basic yet important dating tips for guys. ... More »

  • Women in love, the astro way

    Love is eternal, and men and women inseparable! The masculine and feminine forces, although interchangeable, aim in directions opposite to each other. However, it's when they flow into each other, and not in opposition that they come together to create the complete circle called life. More »

  • Sun Sign and Kissing

    A kiss is a magical moment. Lingering or a quick touch and go – which one leaves your pulse racing? Read ahead to find out the kissing secrets of various sun signs- More »

  • Zodiac signs - elements and compatibility

    Based on the four primary elements, i.e., earth, fire, air and water, all the Sun Signs are classified into four categories- 1) Earth Signs, 2) Fire Signs, 3) Air Signs, and 4) Water Signs. The elements not only have distinct characteristics, but also have a strong influence on our existence. In fact, they are like the principles of life, which give a broad idea about how a person would lead his life. When people share same element, it considerably increases the likelihood of them sharing similar traits. More »