Libra Horoscope

Provided by Astroyogi
9/23 - 10/22

Yearly Overview

Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn will play an all-important role in shaping your luck in the year 2014, Libra. These powerful planets rarely leave a native feeling weak. March to April 30 will also be an important period for you. The energies of Mars in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer during this period will spring some new surprises in your life. You will be granted many rights that you’ll earn by performing many important duties in the year ahead. This is a good year that’ll test you in many ways only to show you how good you are under trying circumstances, dear Libra. Saturn adds to your responsibilities and will keep you in a busy mode till July. Saturn will turn direct on July 20 after being in retrograde since 2nd March. Unlike others, you enjoy the added pressure of work and feel blessed to be trusted with so many responsibilities. The Pluto retrograde on 14 April will further increase your responsibilities at work, but the other areas of your life will be left almost untouched by it. Pluto will go direct a bit late on 23rd September. As a result, you may have to deal with extra work and responsibilities at your organization till the 23rd of September. Karmic forces will bring home new insights that will provide you with the clarity you seek. It is time for rewards in proportion to what and how you may have been or acted. Your career seems promising and your decisions will prove to be right. The third quarter of the year could be even more interesting for you when your ruling planet Venus makes its presence felt. The Sun in Libra during September 22 to October 23, will usher a period of happiness in your life. Hidden information becomes revealed, usually accompanied by a crisis. Be especially careful when filing tax forms and filling out insurance claims. Difficulties lie in the simplest of details in this cosmically charged year. Get a second opinion on insurance policies, your will and all joint holdings. The year end brings several professional and personal possibilities your way and you are thrilled to be a part of many important projects. As the year draws to a close, many planets will go direct, including Mercury on 25th October, Neptune on 16th November and Uranus on 21st December, paving the way for a happy beginning. People will listen to you or read what you have to say and are moved to take action. This is a year when you put your infectious Libran charm to good use and do some greater good to society.

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