Gemini Horoscope

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5/21 - 6/21
Today 1 December 2015  

Daily Overview

There are strong indications of regaining a lost friendship today as Moon moves into Cancer. However, it would require a strong initiative on your part to make it happen. You will benefit highly from keeping a stable mind and heart while approaching this person, suggest astroyogi astrologers. A renewed relationship would not only bring some excitement into your life but would also grow your love stronger as you vow to care for each other. If there is an important task scheduled for the day, try completing it between 10:00 am and 11:40 am to achieve desirable results. Wearing dark green will prove lucky for you today.

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Chinese astrology: Year of the goat
2015 is the year of the Sheep. The fortune for the Sheep may fluctuate in 2015 in all respects. Once you have any new ideas or plans, don't worry about the negative effect of your Chinese Year of birth. Just carry them out boldly. You may obtain unexpected and surprise rewards. Discord and troubles are unavoidable for the Sheep in this year, you are reminded to face them rationally and tolerantly and resort to achieving harmony.

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