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Yearly Overview

2014 will be all about letting go of the old and welcoming the new, for those born under the sign of the Rooster. This year, you get opportunities to better your life. Happiness is indicated for those who got married recently. Your life will take a turn for the better and you will be satisfied with how things progress. Business professionals are indicated to gain the most from the months ahead. 2014 will see you getting much closer to your loved one. You are much more open to communication, a trait that will work to your advantage. Many problems in your love life will be resolved by May or June, this year. This is especially true in the case of all you married couples. Do not hold on to past grudges this year, as these could ultimately ruin your relationship. Let bygones be bygones and avoid any hard feelings. Give your partner an equal footing in your relationship this year so that peace can be maintained. Dominating them will lead to frustration. There are very good chances of your getting engaged, if not married, this year towards December. Single people are likely to meet someone interesting. 2014 is slated to be a sensational year for you career wise. The path to success seems free of any obstacles for most part of the year. You may also be required to take some calculated risks this year that will make your work that much easier. Try your hand at something new. The month of April will be especially beneficial for you career wise, as it will bring rewards and recognition for you from all quarters. Partnerships will be extremely beneficial for businessmen and you will not face any problems when it comes to forging new alliances. It is important for you to be on good terms with your co-workers this year, as any tension will be detrimental to the growth of your career.

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