The Art of Going Sockless in Summer

The Art of Going Sockless in Summer

Let´s welcome the heat and humidity with a smile and a sock. Or, let´s skip the sock. 

Minimal clothing is what you need, what with rising temperatures every year. Dare to bare your ankles and go sockless this summer. And rid away the myth that shoes with no socks, is a fashion disaster. It is important for your feet to breathe especially when it´s hot.

The Art of Going Sockless in Summer

The art of wearing footwear sans the sock can be accomplished in the following ways:


First and foremost, to be able to feel comfortable in your skin, you have got to be confident about what you´re doing. While wearing shoes without socks, don´t hesitate to do so as you don´t want people to look at you like you´ve committed a fashion crime. Prove them wrong, because not only do your feet feel better, you also have mastered the art of going sockless with all that confidence oozing out of you.

Choose the right footwear

While it is not wrong to wear shoes without socks, it can become a disaster if you choose the wrong type of shoe. For example, wearing leather shoes is not going to cool off those feet. Opt for cooler materials like cotton sneakers, rubber loafers etc. Also, pick the right shoe size. After all, comfort should be top priority.

The Art of Going Sockless in Summer

Casual Businessman

The downside of being a corporate man - a formal dress code at all times. This means going sockless is a definite taboo, right? Wrong. A nice formal shoe with pants or trousers that show just a tiny bit of your ankle will do no harm. Let your colleagues know the cool corporate in you and make a statement. Also, the usual norms need to be changed every once in a while.

Keep it clean

One of the most important points you need to keep in mind if you want to go the sockless way, is to keep your feet clean. There are plenty of ways to prevent odor or sweat. Use shoe powder to prevent sweat and do not wear one pair of shoes for too long. Keep rotating or alternating shoes everyday. Wash your feet with anti bacterial soap and dry them properly before getting into your footwear and stepping out. These are simple but very effective steps to avoid smelly feet. Besides, no one wants the stench of stale food when you´re around, eh?

Of course, the easiest way to not wear socks is to wear footwear that doesn´t require them. Slippers, loafers, sandals are a few options and great for the summers too. And all the sock supporters, you might want to think again. We know you have tried to avoid the reasoning of not wearing socks in the summers, but maybe it's time for a change. At the end of the day, it´s just a piece of cloth that can be avoided in the scorching heat.

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