The Art of Fusion Dressing

altFusion dressing is all about experimenting, mix and match and trying on new styles to create entirely different looks.

 You can go way out of the box and be stylish. After all, change is mandatory and no one wants to wear the same styles over and over. We list out some fusion looks you can create for yourself.

· Blazer Shorts


Trend is a change in the development of fashion and it can only happen when one experiments a little. Wearing your regular fitted shorts with a shirt is common now and looks stylish too. But to enhance that look further and make it a bit more out of the ordinary, team it up with a great looking blazer in shades of grey, blue or black. This look can be complete with sockless loafers and is comfortable as well as super stylish.

· Jeans and waist coat

A semi-formal look is great for evening parties or meals outside, team up your denims with a crisp shirt and a stylish waist coat. This look can vary according to ones personality and choice – play it safe with subtle colours or go crazy with bold prints and colours to stand out.

· Gypsy pants and shirt


Do you like to play hippie at times but also have to adorn the formal look for work? Do you wish you could combine the two someday and just walk out like it is normal to do so? For one, that combination is indeed possible and kudos to you for thinking of it. Team your gypsy pants or dhoti pants with a shirt and step out in style. Pair it with shades and sandals and you are good to go. Be it a beach party or a regular day out in the sun, this look can be achieved with confidence and panache.

· Leather and Linen

You don’t always have to be rugged to wear a leather jacket and besides, that along with washed out jeans is a bit too common and clichéd, don’t you think? We suggest you try replacing the denims with comfortable linen pants. If that is too drastic, wear your linens with a semi leather jacket to balance out the cool-hot combination.

These are just a few of the many things you can do with your wardrobe to get rid of the monotony. The idea is just to widen your horizon of possibilities to create new innovative looks and be confident while you’re at it.

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