Apple iOS7 security bugs detected day after release

Melbourne, Sept. 20 (ANI): Security flaws have been reportedly discovered in Apple's latest iOS7, just a day after it was released.

The bug allows the thief to exploit the flaw and disable the Find my iPhone feature, even if the thief does not have the password.

The new iOS7 has the Control Centre feature on the iPhone's home screen, which contains access to digital voice assistant Siri apart from other basic settings and therefore, if a user accesses the Control Centre or instructs Siri to put the device into aeroplane mode, the Find my iPhone feature becomes useless, The Age reports.

Apple users who have upgraded to iOS 7 can protect themselves from the potential security vulnerability by turning off access to Siri and Control Centre from the lock screen under their device's settings.

Jose Rodriguez, of Spain's Canary Islands, uncovered another iOS 7 security vulnerability that allows users to bypass the lock screen in seconds to access photos, email, Twitter and other applications, all without having a password.

Rodriguez found that if a user swipes the home screen and accesses the alarm clock, he can hold down the device's sleep button which brings the option to turn it off or lead to the multi-tasking screen, from where the user can access camera and photos or even their social media accounts.

An Apple spokeswoman said that the company was preparing a fix that it would deliver as a future update to iOS 7 adding that Apple takes user security very seriously, the report added. (ANI)

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