Alternatives to Regular Exercise

altYou might think that you need to employ a combination of cardio and weight training in the gym, to be fit.

But the tediousness of lifting weights, doing laps in the pool and running on the same stretch of road can be unsettling. Here is a list of great alternatives to help you gain that dream body without the monotony.

1. Yoga


With its roots in the Vedic Scriptures of Ancient India, yoga is the most indigenous form of alternative exercise. Practiced by yogis during the Puranictimes, these exercises rely on specific body postures to activate the core energy chakras and help energise the body from within. While building up strength and flexibility, it renders great agility to physical movements. It’s effects manifest themselves not only in muscular formation and physical strength, but also in keeping ailments away. Yoga is the unanimous exercise for all-round fitness.

2. Pilates


Developed by Joseph Pilates, this workout technique is the most reputed exercise to build muscular strength by employing Contrology. The principle behind Contrology is to create muscular resistance, so that it can handle any physical situation. Pilates aims at building core strengths and the results show a rock-solid physique, replete with muscular strength and agility.

3. Zumba


Zumba is the proverbial lovechild of aerobics and dance. With a combination of dance styles like salsa, mambo, merengue, cha-cha-cha, tango and hip-hop, and with core-building aerobic movements, zumba is a fun-filled way to lose weight and keep fit. Zumba is actually a party in the disguise of an exercise. It shapes the whole body, while you’re busy having fun, dancing. The low impact of zumba makes it safe and effective for all ages. It aids in better muscular strength, improved posture and movement, all while socialising to the beats of red-hot Latin music.

4. Kung Fu


If you have watched enough Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee movies, you will agree that Kung Fu stands as a perfect example of an alternative workout that also improves your self defence skills, along the way. Kung Fu believes in the basic principle of realigning the body with the inherent agility of the mind. A typical Kung Fu training would involve muscular stretching, resistance building, and strength training with the management of breath. It results in a holistic body, strong both inside and out.

5. Capoeira


If you’ve seen Vincent Cassel’s death-defying movements to evade heavy museum security in Ocean’s Twelve, you’ll be surprised to know that Capoeira is the newest emerging alternative workout session, that is taking the world by storm. With its roots in Brazilian martial arts, it is developed by combining Brazilian combat moves with dance. The martial art builds muscular agility, enhances physical balance and results in a rock-solid physique.

When regular exercises reek of the mundane, it is time to shake up one’s approach to physical health, by adopting one of the above-mentioned alternatives.

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