9 Most Romantic Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

With time, responsibilities keep piling up and the romance in your marriage takes the comfortable backseat. After a certain point of time, weekend dinner plans become a monotonous and mechanical activity. So, break the chains of humdrum married life and spice up your marriage by taking a cue from these interesting and exciting date night ideas.

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Recreate and re-live the moments

Do you remember what all you did to make your partner feel special on your first valentine? Or your first kiss in the back corner of the movie theater? Well, the best way to bring the passion back into your life is to take a walk down the memory lane. Recreate a moment that was special for both of you. By doing so, you will not just revive but also, make new memories!


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Night under the twinkling stars

A great date night does not always mean visiting an exotic luxurious hotel. Simple things can also bring in a lot of pleasure in your love life. Organise your date night in your garden or terrace. Spend the night in the arms of your beloved while gazing at the stars. Or else, simply slip your hand in his and go for a quite romantic walk. These quiet and serene moments will once again make you feel that 'love is in the air'.

Candle light dinner

This idea may sound very clichéd but it still has the power to rekindle the love between you and your partner. Plan a candle light dinner at your partner’s favourite restaurant to reconfirm your love and passion for your better half. You can surprise your partner by creating a romantic candle-light setting at your home itself. Complete the romantic ambiance with some sensual music, beautiful flowers, aromatic oils and maybe even heart-shaped balloons.

Element of mystery

Nothing is more exciting than a blind date. It may sound weird as you already know your partner intimately but the rendezvous can be made mysterious. Leave notes for your spouse giving interesting clues and hints about the date venue and theme. Take the thrill to another level by giving yourself a serious makeover or going for a wild and romantic setting.

Romantic movie

Go the teenage way and follow the tried and tested dating idea. Go for a romantic movie and follow it up with a dinner at a fancy restaurant. Though, this is an old formula, but it never fails to work, especially, if you are married. Also, dn't forget to seal the day with a hot love-making session in your cosy bed.

Bring out the kid within you

No matter how old we get, the child in our heart never dies out. So, how about becoming a kid once again? Get a little crazy and wild on your date night. Take your partner to the nearby amusement park or games arcade. See a genuine laughter slip from your better half’s lips as you miss shooting those balloons with a water gun.

Express with gifts

Make a plan to buy gifts for each other. Put in a little condition- it should be something that you both want and can enjoy together. This will surely make you and your partner feel special and will make you  realise how well you know each other, after all these years. Compliment this with a great home cooked dinner and add some romantic charms to the setting.

Reunion with friends

Friends usually hold a special place in everyone’s life. So, why not turn your date into a double date or a cosy get-together. Invite your common friends to your place. Be supportive and help your partner in the kitchen. Sit with your friends, play fun games and relive some happy and romantic memories related to your courtship days. By the end of the day, you will surely realise that how supportive and caring your partner is, even when you are surrounded with your loved ones.

Just drive away!

How about not making any plans at all? Go with the flow! Take out your car, just pick a direction and start driving out of the city. You both can stop at a dhaba, explore some new places, or get cosy at deserted highway roads. But make sure, you have filled the petrol tank to the full.

Now, that you know how to re-kindle romance in your married life, just, roll down the windows of your life and let the fresh air of love come in.