7 things not to wear to a wedding

Deciding what to wear to a wedding is not an easy task. Everyone wants to look good, but if you really want to steal the limelight, you have to plan your wardrobe carefully. A suitable oufit for a wedding guest will be an amalgamation of traditional Indian or contemporary forms. The choices are aplenty like a custom nine-yards sari, lehengas, shararas, anarkalis or maybe even pre-stitched saris and gowns.

Deciding what to wear to a wedding is not an easy task. Everyone wants to look good, but if you really want to steal the limelight, you have to plan your entire look carefully. If you are attending a close friend, cousin or a relative’s wedding, you need to be even more careful with what you choose to wear. The numerous choices make it even more difficult to choose, and easier to goof up! So, here is a list of things you must absolutely avoid wearing at a wedding.
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Clothes that don't suit the season

Wear clothes that are comfortable not just for your body type, but also for the season. Do not wear fabrics or styles that do not go with the weather. Like, velvets, too much embellishments, or full sleeves in summers can be disastrous; while sleeveless or silks in chilly winters would be too uncomfortable. Make sure to keep the date of the function in mind, if you are shopping for the outfit much in advance.

Plain blacks or whites

No matter how much these colours are in vogue, going to a wedding in plain and boring white or black outfit is not the best thing to do. While men can still turn up in black tuxedos, women must choose cheerful colours like, orange, red, pink, mauve and the likes.
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Too tight outfits

It is great if you have a well-toned body, and if you can pull off skimpy or tight clothes well. But, weddings and family gatherings are not the right occasions for this. There are all the chances that these clothes will make you look and feel quite uncomfortable. Liberate yourself from tight-fitted blouses, kurtas or dresses. Rather, drape yourself in flowing and pretty fabrics, with beautiful borders and crystals.
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Uncomfortable footwear

Make sure you wear comfortable footwear. Remember, weddings last for hours and you might have to stand the entire time. Moving around in high heels can be quite difficult, especially in an outdoor venue, stilettos might make you trip. So, make sure you choose a footwear that you are very confident and comfortable wearing.
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Anything casual

No matter how pretty or expensive they are, save your jeans, t-shirts, skirts and flipflops for the weekends. Even if you are in a hurry, do not even think of wearing a casual kurti over jeans! If you do not have the time to decide your look properly, just choose a traditional saree from your mom's wardrobe.
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Anything that catches too much attention

Do not wear anything that calls for too much attention. You want to look great, but not like a bride yourself! So, select your bags, jewellery and accessories carefully. Let the bride enjoy all the eyes on her. Steer away from clothes that are loud and garish. If it is a close friend or relative’s wedding, then make sure you take a look at the bride's outfit beforehand, to avoid wearing something in similar colours or style.

Too much makeup

Even though it is a wedding, make sure that you don't go overboard with your makeup. Keep in mind the venue, the season and your outfit, before you choose the colours. Do not wear too much foundation in summers, as the heat and perspiration can ruin the entire look. Also, be very careful with the blush and bronzer, as they can look too gawdy if not done well. Take professional help, in case you are not sure about it.
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