7 Health myths that just don’t seem to die!

Think sugar makes kids hyperactive? Think cracking your knuckles gives you arthritis? Think eating fat makes you fat? Think again!

7 health myths7 health mythsIn our second myth buster series, we get you another round of health myths around India which refuse to die!

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Myth #1: Natural foods and herbs are harmless

With a majority of the Indian population giving a thumbs up to Ayurveda, naturopathy and anything to do with Mother Nature, this is one of the biggest misconceptions. It is presumed that since the herbs and natural foods are obtained in their pure, unadulterated forms, they are harmless and can be put to use by the layman.

This mentality can prove to be hazardous to health by bringing about undesirable effects if used without enough knowledge about the working mechanism.

For instance, kava-used to treat anxiety and other mental issues, may prove to be injurious to the liver. Many other herbs show adverse effects on health if consumed without proper dosage.

Myth #2: Cracking your knuckles may cause arthritis

Accumulation of gas bubbles between the joints of the fingers, when subjected to pressure, break down and cause a cracking noise. Studies have shown that cracking your knuckles does NOT lead to arthritis. However, repetitive cracking of knuckles may lead to certain joint problems especially for those who experience pain during the cracking.

Myth #3: If you go out with a wet head, you’ll catch cold

Studies show that 40% moms believe that sending their kids out with a wet head is bound to cause cold. The myth persists despite research showing that cold is caused by viruses that invade the human body through close contact with affected individuals.

Myth #4: Sugar makes kids hyperactive

Hyperactivity in children is often linked to excessive sugar consumption, even by qualified physicians. However, in reality, it is the parties and special occasions which get the kids hyper. Generally, the food that is served in such outings is high in sugar which leads many parents to believe that sugar is to blame for their child’s behaviour.

Myth #5: More than 70% of the heat of your body is lost through your head

Yet another myth. The fact is that you tend to lose more heat through exposed parts of your body. You may lose almost the same amount of heat through your head as you might lose through other exposed parts of your body.

Myth #6: Eating fat makes you fat

Fats are essential for the absorption of certain phytonutrients and vitamins in the body. A diet completely devoid of fats may do more harm to your body than good. Alsofats tend to make you feel full, thus making you eat less.

Know why fat is important, read here.

Myth #7: Excessive exercise helps you lose weight rapidly

Too much of everything is bad, even exercise. Excessive exercise can put a strain on your muscles and even cause permanent, irreversible problems that you may not have expected.

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