5 ways to find the perfect woman

If you hate having clammy hands, nervous chatter and going home to an empty bed, listen up: this is your guide to finding the perfect woman.

If you hate having clammy hands, nervous chatter and going home to an empty bed, listen up: this is your guide to finding the perfect woman. We all know that finding love is a tricky business, but remember it is like a game, and there are many tactics you can use that will help you score. So, let’s begin:

Scare her

Scaring your girl is not on the usual dating to-do list, but if you’ve still not found the one yet then maybe it’s time you used some alternative methods. Now, we’re not suggesting you do anything sinister, but research has shown that when people experience fear on a date they often misinterpret that feeling as love. Therefore, why not take your girl to a theme park and ride some of the adrenalin-inducing roller coasters? Or go to a zoo and pop into see the spiders, snakes and bats. Although this may not sound like the most romantic of dates, you can take flowers, a picnic and even some champagne. These dates are also great fun because conversation is easy to make and the environment is less formal than a traditional restaurant scenario, which will allow you both to relax.

Out of your league?

At some point, we’ve either been there or seen it – a beautifully stunning girl is after a guy, and you know they are out of their league. Although it’s tempting to pucker up and go for it, research suggests that reaching for the higher-end beauty queen will only lead to unrequited love. Researchers found that we are attracted to people who share a similar level of beauty to ourselves. If you luckily “catch” one of these stunners, research suggests that once they deal with their self esteem issues you will eventually be ditched. Harsh words from the psychologists. So although we all fantasise about the hot catwalk models, the glamour girls and the Miss Worlds, it would seem that these thoughts should stay just that; a fantasy.

Smell her dad

As disgusting as this sounds, be brave and get sniffing guys. At the University of Chicago, Dr Martha McClintock found some very interesting, if somewhat smelly, findings. After asking women to take a whiff of some sweaty t-shirts she discovered that women ranked those men that smelt similar to her dad as being more attractive than the fellers who did not, or those who smelt too similar. To get your girl, what you need to do is figure out a perfect balance between being an identical match and being the complete opposite. Finding out her dad’s scent is probably going to be quite a challenge. Remember though, if you do succeed we suggest you don’t bring up the day you smelt your in-law in your wedding day speech.


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