5 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage after Kids

Becoming a parent changes a lot in your relationship. Now that you have kids, your feelings towards your spouse will undergo some changes, and not necessarily in the positive manner always. You will have to  make an active effort to keep the passion and romance alive in your marriage after having kids. Here are some tips you can use to make your relationship thrive.

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Accept the challenge

You need to accept the fact that children are bound to change the equation of your relationship – you will have to mold yourselves into your new roles and undertake increased responsibilities, both towards one another as parents as well as towards your kids. You have be prepared as setting some time aside for yourself will become increasingly difficult, making it even harder to share a romantic moment or two with each other.

Look at the bright side

Having kids is a rewarding experience in itself. You will feel emotionally satisfied and kids are bound to bring fun opportunities along with the excuse to enjoy a few exciting days with your family. Children may act as a catalyst to stir the dying embers of your romance by putting you in touch with the inner child present within yourself. Parenthood is a great way to discover new stuff not just about yourself, but even about your partner.

Romance at every chance

Continue to show signs of affection towards one another every small chance you get. A hug while doing household chores, offering to run errands for each other, sharing the domestic responsibilities and looking after the children – all these minor acts work wonders for your romantic life. Never feel guilty if you want more romance in your marriage; you are human and have needs and satisfying these needs will enable you to become a capable and emotionally fulfilled parent.

Rekindle the romance

Consider yourself to be a mushy romantic at heart and leave your partner small love notes. Try being an opportunist whenever possible. Once the children have been put to bed for the night, snuggle up on your sofa and do something stupid and mushy, while opting for a romantic movie or something. Works every time!
A candlelight dinner in the comfort of your own home is sure to get the both of you in the right romantic mood. Just holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes is enough to convey your deep love for your partner.

Take some time off

Try to arrange special evenings or even night outs when you can sneak away together and assume the role of a couple instead of simply remaining parents. If you feel awkward leaving your child with a babysitter, you can always request a member of your family to do you a favor. You might even help out other couples as well as yourselves by swapping with another couple who have faith in you to take care of their kids, so that they can look after your children the following week.