5 ways to give your bedroom a sex makeover

If you want better sex more often you need to give your bedroom a sex makeover. Follow these five simple steps and you can sass up your sex life today:

Bedroom sex makeover step 1: buy a lock

How can you get down and dirty if you can’t let loose? To ditch the muffled love sessions you need to buy a lock for your bedroom. If you don’t want to damage your doorway you can buy temporary bedroom locks. Or if you are prepared to commit to your new, barricaded boudoir you can opt for a mortice latch. These locks are perfect for internal doors and are relatively cheap. Plus you can still use your handle.  Once you’re safe in the knowledge that no-one will walk in when you are in some of your most intimate positions, you’ll be able to venture above the sheets and explore some more exotic positions.

Bedroom sex makeover step 2: get the scent

To make your bedroom perfect for sex you need to think about how it smells. Smell is one of the most powerful senses and if you can get your room smelling seductive your chance of getting more sex will increase massively. To turn guys on, you should invest in some vanilla scented candles. Vanilla is a natural libido booster, which calms men and reduces their inhibitions. Light the candles at least 15 minutes before you go to bed to make sure that the room is fully scented. To turn your lady on, you should look to buy calming scents, like lavender. By de-stressing your girl, you will ensure that the stress hormone, cortisol, is reduced. This hormone is terrible for your love life as it lowers women’s libidos. So beat the stress and calm your girl with a lavender linen spray applied to your sheets and pillows.


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