5 Unusual Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas

February 14th, Valentine’s Day is considered to be the day of love. It is that day when cupid strikes, a day full of flowers and chocolates, a day of gifts and most importantly- lots and lots of love. The most usual way that couples celebrate this day of love is by gifting each other teddy bears, flowers and chocolates, going on romantic dates, candle light dinners etc. But sometimes thinking out of the box and doing something entirely different and exciting can be a good change. So, here are five rather unusual Valentine Day’s celebration ideas.

Visit unusual places

Unlike other couples who do the same old things on Valentine’s Day, be different and go visit the most unlikely places a couple would visit on this day. For example, take a guided tour of your own city and visit all the major tourist spots. You can also click lots of pictures of yourselves and make an album.

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Create a restaurant at home

Another unusual but awesome idea is to surprise your partner by creating a restaurant like ambience at home. You could set up a table for two on your terrace or in your garden and decorate the surroundings with lights or flowers and some awesome music to go with it. This would give the evening a very romantic as well as personal touch.

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Organise a party for your single friends

Usually on Valentine’s Day, single people organise anti-Valentine’s Day parties and celebrate being single. You could go in the other direction and instead organise a party for all your single friends and organise games that would make people meet and if lucky, probably fall in love too. You could even organise group dates with all your friends on this day.

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Personal touch to your Valentine’s Day gift

Instead of buying a gift from the gift shop or just giving your partner flowers and chocolates, do something unusual and give your love a gift with a personal touch. For that you could make an entire home cooked meal for your partner, the menu being his or her favourite foods. You could make a collage of all your best pictures together and write a love message on the frame. You could also send a love message for your partner on the radio.

Give love not to one but to all- Volunteer

And last but not the least, instead of spending the entire day with your partner only hanging out and spending money, go and volunteer together and make others happy. You along with your partner could go and spend time at an old age home, an orphanage or an animal shelter. You could also donate clothes, toys and money at orphanages or take food and treats for the animals at the shelter. This would not only make you feel wonderful, but will also bring joy and happiness to those who are less fortunate.

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So follow these unusual ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day and make this day special and memorable for your partner and yourself.

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