5 Things You Should Avoid at the Dinner Table

Are you goofing around with your food by not giving it enough attention or thought that it deserves?

Well, that extra flab on your abs is probably your food's way of telling you that it needs your attention. Read on to find out five common dining mistakes that you need to stay away from in order to stay fit:

Gulping down the food

5 Things You Should Avoid at the Dinner Table

Parents usually tell their kids to eat slowly and chew each bite atleast 20 times before swallowing it. When you rush through your meal, you tend to consume more food than usual. Thus, it is suggested that one should eat slowly. Also, when you eat slowly, your brain gets time to register that you are full and thus, can stop eating.

Converting dinner table into your workstation

5 Things You Should Avoid at the Dinner Table

Multitasking is a wonderful skill but try keeping it off your dining table. A lot of young professionals, these days, not only rush through their meals but also keep working simultaneously. Distracted dining can lead to over eating or under-eating as their attention on the food gets reduced to as much as 50 percent.

So, while you are eating, let your gadgets get some rest too!

Leaving your plate clean

5 Things You Should Avoid at the Dinner Table

Stuffing yourself with food at the dinner table definitely counts as bad table manners. Yes, wasting food can make you feel guilty, but stuffing yourself with it will only make you over-weight. Ideally, order for meals that come in small portions when dining out or just split the meal with your partner. Studies have proved that seeing or smelling good food can release hormones that make your stomach growl. So, the next time your tummy makes those awful noises, you should not simply assume it to be a hunger call.

Red meat for main course

5 Things You Should Avoid at the Dinner Table

For the carnivores in you, having red meat is pure bliss. The reason why it tastes so good is because it is high on calories. If you are a hard-core non-vegetarian, replace red meat with white. You can also marinate and grill veggies and season them like you would do, the meat. Treat yourself occasionally with a few chunks of meat in your regular salad.

Drinking water between the meals

5 Things You Should Avoid at the Dinner Table

The most controversial and discussed foot habit is about when should one ideally drink water: between, before or after the meal? Recent studies have proved that drinking water during meals can hamper your digestive powers and cause the level of insulin in your blood to fluctuate.

The human stomach has a mind of its own, and identifies the food and releases digestive juices instantly. Drinking water while eating can distract the natural process of food breakdown. If you get really thirsty immediately after the meal, sip a glass of water after five minutes.

All of us are equally guilty of committing some mistakes mentioned above time and again, and that affects our health gradually. So, avoid these habits as much as you can and if you set your habits right, you might be the one painting the town red with your healthy and youthful demeanour. (Health, MensXP.com)

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