5 Reasons Why Arranged Marriage is a Better Idea

Whether you have already found your life partner or searching for one through arranged marriage, remember that every relationship has its own beauty and charm.

Whether you have already found your life partner or searching for one through arranged marriage, remember that every relationship has its own beauty and charm. Well, just because you or your best friend is finding their better half through an arranged setup, it doesn't mean that it is a regressive or an old idea. It is a journey towards meeting someone and seeing your partner for life in them. So, take a look at some advantages of going for an arranged marriage.
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Socially compatible

Since parents always end up settling for a bride or groom with similar upbringing, lifestyle, values, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, it removes the chances of any potential disparities. These similarities are an advantage, as it makes the partners highly compatible and therefore, makes the marriage roots much stronger.

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Mutual respect

Parental prestige and pride, makes every arranged marriage couple behave in a respectable and responsible way. They will never conduct themselves or their relationship in a way, which will put their families or familial relations in jeopardy. This ensures that both the partners will move equally towards making their marriage and relationship work. Plus both the partners bring equal level of understanding and respect in their relationship.

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Strong bond with the family

In India, it is believed 'you not only marry the person but their family as well'. Well, in an arranged marriage the couple receives love and support from each other's family. This becomes very essential for a girl as she has to leave her parent's home and go to her in-laws house after marriage. In such a scenario that extra scoop of love, care and understanding from the in-laws side goes a long way to make her feel comfortable and welcomed in her new home.

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Higher level of adjustment

High level of understanding and higher adjusting abilities help in making ends meet and also filling the loopholes of marriage. This increases compatibility and makes both the partners understand the importance of compromise and adjustment. Plus, every couple knows that their relationship has a direct effect on their family's bond as well. That is why, a couple in an arranged marriage would work twice as hard to keep their relationship stable than look for a way out.

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Strong sense of commitment

Arranged marriage is based on mutual trust and understanding rather than ‘love at first sight’. In an arranged marriage, commitment is what brings the two people together and love gradually blossoms. So, commitment is the strongest advantage for those who are going for an arranged marriage.

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Whether you go for an arranged marriage or love, you should keep in mind that a relationship should be based on mutual respect, understanding, trust and commitment above all.

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