Top 5 Mama’s Boys of Bollywood

Top 5 Mama’s Boys of Bollywood

Yes you read that right. We are talking about mama’s boys of Bollywood.

Yes they are independent, yes they are earning crores of rupees and yes they are married or have girlfriends but at the end of the day they know where their hearts lie.

5. John Abraham

Top 5 Mama’s Boys of Bollywood

If reports & John’s own words are to be believed, our Johnny boy is quite a mama’s boy. Once when shooting for one of his films, he got a little homesick and was quick to fly down his mom & dad to the US to be by his side. John’s mother is an active social worker and has her own charity where John also helps. In fact John is such a doting son that he wants to take his mom who is a Parsi to Pakistan and Iran so that she can meet her cousins. A son like John is every mother’s dream!

4. Neil Nitin Mukesh

Top 5 Mama’s Boys of Bollywood

Although Neil Nitin Mukesh has always made appearances with his dad and told everybody what a huge role his father had in him taking up acting, making it appear like he was a papa’s boy but he isn’t after all. While shooting for Players in New Zealand, he took his mother for his outdoor shoots instead of a girlfriend. Moreover he has been sporting a muffler knitted by none other than his mother and instead of getting embarrassed, has been flaunting it and telling everybody who cares to listen that it has been made by his mother. Quite a mother’s doting boy now, ain’t he?

3. Salman Khan

Top 5 Mama’s Boys of Bollywood

Despite the tough exterior & rowdy image, Salman Khan is quite a softie inside. This became evident when Salman made an appearance on Farah Khan's chat show 'Tere Mere Beech Mein' to discuss the subject 'Mama's boys' and quite aptly so. In spite being 40+, he still lives next to his mother and swears by her cooking. And just when you wondered why this sweet mama’s boy is he still single, we have an apt explanation from none other than his father. He mentioned on the same chat show that his mother had spoiled him silly and that he is so influenced by his mother that he expects the women in his life to give up everything and be at home wives, which in today’s age is unacceptable to most women. Quite a mama’s boy that!

2. Abhishek Bacchan

Top 5 Mama’s Boys of Bollywood

Though AB baby has always been ridiculed for having never come out from under his father’s shadow and now even his wife’s aura. But rather, he is under his mother’s spell. He has been sporting a ring (astro kinds) for quite some time now. When asked if he believes in astrology, he rubbishes it saying that he only believes in hard work, but wears it because his mother wants him to as it pleases her that each member of the family is safe from evil forces. Now that’s one caring son every mother would want.

1. Ranbir Kapoor

Top 5 Mama’s Boys of Bollywood

How can his name not be there when the list is about mama’s boys! He certainly has earned the top slot in this particular category. He has been ridiculed by his ex-girlfriends (Deepika & Sonam). Sonam in fact went as far as saying that even his toe nails are clipped by his mother. But interestingly all the criticism doesn’t faze Ranbir as he himself proudly admits that he is a total mama’s boy. He has admitted several times that he shares a very close relationship with his mother and discusses everything with her. In fact rumous has it that his relationship with Deepika went on the rocks because his mother didn’t really approve of her. Well as long as he keeps giving us hits like Rockstar, we certainly aren’t complaining.

Some experts say that being a mama’s boy has its advantages as it makes these men more sensitive & emotional. And considering the kind of industry these men are in, we certainly need all those emotions coming to the fore.

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