5 embarrassing questions women have

Got an “awkward” medical question? We’ll answer it for you!

Medical questions can be embarrassing. More so if they are about parts of your body you’d rather not be discussing at the dinner table!

Here are 5 questions that women may feel shy or awkward asking their doctors. Dr Nisreen Nakhoda, a general physician who’s also on the mDhil team has answered them for you. Hope they’re helpful!

1. I have a foul smell in my genitals. What could it be?

A. A foul smell could be a sign of a fungal infection like a yeast infection. It could also occur due to poor hygiene or by wearing synthetic underwear that doesn’t allow your genitals to breathe. Try changing your underwear to cotton and practice good hygiene. If it still doesn’t get better, go to a doctor.

2. What about the itching in my vaginal area? What’s up with that?

A. Itching is usually a sign of a fungal or bacterial infection. Most likely though, it’s probably a fungal infection. It could also be a symptom of pubic lice, also known as crabs, a type of lice that is spread through unprotected sex.

. I have an inverted nipple. Is that a symptom of a disease?

A. An inverted nipple is not a disease. It’s just a malformation that should not hamper your daily life in any way.It might prove to be a bit of a hurdle when you are nursing a baby and it’s a good idea to talk to your gynaecologist about massages and other methods that can coax the nipple out, even if it’s only temporary.For cosmetic purposes, some women may choose to have the nipple surgically protracted. However, there is a high chance that this may destroy her capacity to breastfeed.

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4. I’m suddenly seeing a few hair spring up around my nipples. Is that normal?

A. Hair around the nipple is perfectly natural and often occurs to women who are menopausal. However, it’s also common amongst younger women and should not be a cause for concern. Pluck it or thread it if it’s bothering you too much.

5. I think the pigmentation around my nipple is growing bigger! What’s wrong with me?

A. Nothing’s wrong with you. Secondary pigmentation or a secondary areola (areola is the coloured portion around the nipple) generally occurs during pregnancy. This is because the breast becomes bigger due to hormonal changes and blood congestion. After the baby is born, lactation makes them even bigger and all this can cause your areolas to become larger. Don’t panic. It will go away in time and should be no cause for concern.


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