5 of the biggest sex icons

Sex icon 1: Marilyn Monroe

How could the woman who fronted the first ever issue of Playboy and told interviewers that “sex is nature” not end up on our big sex icons list? Marilyn Monroe was sexy, funny and charismatic – yet more importantly, she made it all seem effortless. Yet despite being openly sexual and posing naked in shoots, she actually had problems reaching orgasm. After some sexual therapy, however, Marilyn was cured and told her doctor: “Bless you doctor. Think of a light switch with a rheostat control (dimmer). As you begin to turn it on, the bulb begins to get bright, then brighter, and brighter and finally in a blinding flash is fully lit. It is so good... Doctor, I worship you."

Sex icon 2: Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson has been a sex icon and dominated the blonde bombshell look for nearly two decades now – having a much lengthier shelf life than most in the business. Due to the length of Pamela’s career she holds the record for most appearances on Playboy’s cover and has graced the screens of many popular TV shows and films; from Baywatch and Home Improvement to Borat and Days of Our Lives. Although Pamela still models she also campaigns for charities and recently bought Vivienne Westwood a rather unusual birthday gift – 70 acres of the Amazon rainforest. It would seem that this first-class pin-up girl has a great heart as well as a great body.

Burlesque dancer Burlesque dancer

Sex icon 3: Bettie Page

For a girl born in 1923, Bettie Page was quite the trendsetter. With her trademark black hairdo (a style that Beyonce mimicked in her ‘Telephone’ video with Lady Gaga) Bettie Page became one of the first fetish models, using whips and spiked heels to give her shoots a sexy edge. Bettie appeared in many men’s magazines and got her break when she became the centerfold model for Playboy. This appearance in the January issue opened many doors for Bettie. She was crowned “Miss Pin-Up girl of the World” and gained the nickname Girl with the Perfect Figure. Yet, despite being the star of many men’s fantasies, Bettie Page still believed that sex was about love and romance, stating: "Sex is a part of love. You shouldn't go around doing it unless you are in love".

Sex icon 4: Jennifer Aniston

It’s true to say that, in this list, Jennifer Aniston does look a little out of place. She seems more like the girl next door than the girl on the centerfold pages. Yet Jennifer does ooze sex appeal. Despite the fact that she maintains a squeaky clean persona and rarely flashes her body, she has achieved a sophisticated and yet seemingly attainable sex status. Men ogle her and women admire her, even though her clothes remain on and filthy sex tape scandals have never blemished her career. So why is she so hot? It may be, in part, to do with Jennifer’s personality. Although she’s had her fair share of bland roles, Aniston is funny, down-to-earth and, although good looking, it’s Jennifer’s personality that wins all of our hearts and makes her one of the sexiest women in the world.

Sex icon 5: Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese is the modern day pin-up queen who has fronted the revitalization of burlesque. Since she was a teenager, Dita Von Teese was fascinated by the raunchy world of burlesque and collected vintage lingerie. This fascination led her to become a stripper aged 19, and since then she’s been leading audiences through a sexual show of fantasy and discovery. Dita’s most well-known act is a strip-tease dance followed by her bathing in a Swarvoski encrusted martini glass; an act developed for her role as the global ambassador for Cointreau. These days, Dita can earn up to $50,000 for a single performance and there’s a reason – she has captured our imaginations. Dita Von Teese has earned her place on this list for her skills in seduction and her creative approach to the world of sex, glamour and sexuality. Read more on realbuzz.com...
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