10 Worst Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a lovely occasion. It is a time to bond with your lover, reignite your passion and share some very intimate and love filled moments. However, there is a catch. Although love is definitely in the air, there are certain things that might douse the romance. A wrong gift can be an anti-climax for your romantic expectations. Here are some gifts that can certainly be the mood-spoilers on this Valentine.

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Cheap jewellery

Girls love jewellery passionately, but they hate cheap jewellery with an equal passion. Your girl will never want to display cheap stuff on her. Cheap jewellery could also symbolise that you don’t value her much.

Dinner in a crowded fast food joint

If budget is a problem, skip dinner. Squeezing uneasily into a crowded fast food joint where you need to scream to make yourself heard is a complete put off. How do you expect to share sweet endearments in such an environment?

CDs with your favourite songs

Valentine’s Day is about the both of you, as a couple. A CD with your favourite songs leaves your valentine out, which can be a disaster.

A shopping gift certificate

Your intentions might be good, but she might take it to mean, “I don’t have time to shop for a gift. Here is a gift certificate. Go find your own thing.” Total put off!

Epilators, blow dryers, hair irons

Unless you want to send out a signal that your girlfriend needs to pay more attention on grooming and offend her endlessly, avoid such gifts.


Valentine’s Day is a time when you display the love in your heart and not further down. This is really not a time to send out bold signals.

Religious statuettes or gifts

Well, your love is sacred and divine but a religious article is definitely not called for on Valentine’s Day.

Video games

Please do something romantic for at least one day every year. Even if your girl/guy loves video games, V-day is just not the time to focus on dummy characters on an electronic screen.

Dress that does not fit

As her partner, you are supposed to know her size! Things get worse if the dress you gift her is a couple of sizes too big – “Do you think I am so fat?” You know how touchy girls are about their bodies, so be careful.

Stuff toys

This is 2013. Please get original. Stuffed toys went out with the last millennium.