10 ways to boost wedding day luck

Without a doubt, every soon-to-be-married couple wants their wedding day to go smoothly and without any glitches. Wedding day memories last a lifetime so you want them to only be happy ones, free from missing bridesmaids and burnt wedding cake. To boost your big day with luck, here are 10 ways to charm your wedding. Good luck!

10 ways to boost wedding day luck
10 ways to boost wedding day luck10 ways to boost wedding day luck

Sugar cube

If you’re wearing gloves on your wedding day, firstly, nice choice! Secondly, they’re a great opportunity to adopt a traditional Greek wedding custom. While you’re enjoying your morning cup of coffee on the day of your wedding, grab one of the sugar cubes and place it inside your glove. This is thought to ‘sweeten’ your union in marriage. How sweet!

Incy wincy spider

It is believed, in English tradition, that finding a spider in your wedding dress will bring good luck. Brits often refer to those teeny ant-like spiders as ‘money spiders’ as they’re thought to bring good fortune. So on your wedding day, don’t be alarmed if you find one of these little critters in your gown, as you’re headed for a boost to your funds and luck in your marriage.

Through the threshold

You’ve exchanged your vows, cut the wedding cake and danced the night away; now it’s time for bed. If you’re heading home after your big day then make sure your new hubby carries you across the threshold into your house. This is thought to protect the bride from evil spirits and protect her with good luck.

Wed on a weekday

Although the most popular day of the week to get married, it is thought to be unlucky to get wed on a Saturday. Not only will you have more luck on a week day, but the wedding venue, catering, photography and entertainment costs will be less too. Choose from a luckier wedding day with this old rhyme; ‘Monday for wealth, Tuesday for health, Wednesday the best day of all, Thursday for losses, Friday for crosses, Saturday for no luck at all’.

Rainy day

Don’t despair if the heavens open on your big day. Instead be grateful that the weather is bringing you good luck. Not forgetting that soggy downpours actually provide great photo opportunities; think bridesmaids huddled snuggly under umbrellas and the groom in some fetching wellington boots. Once you and your guests are inside with a tipple and a nibble, then the smattering of rain against the windows will create a comfy and intimate atmosphere. 


Horseshoes have been a symbol of luck for generations. But they are also associated with weddings and marriage. Some brides wear a horseshoe attached to ribbon from their wrist, or you could attach them to the backs of your chairs during the wedding breakfast. You could even have miniature icing horseshoes to adorn your wedding cake. If one of your wedding guests gifts you with a horseshoe on your wedding day, it’s customary to hang this above your front door at home to continue the good luck in your lives together.

Good luck flowers

Flowers are a prominent feature of most weddings, from the centrepieces to the bridal bouquet. Flowers are known for their meanings, such as love and friendship and of course, luck. So why not inject some luck into your big day by choosing the flower stephanotis? These delicate white flowers are commonplace in the bridal bouquet, while having the bonus of bringing good luck.

Good luck food

Boost your wedding breakfast with good luck ingredients or charm your canapés to bring good fortune to you and your partner. In the Mediterranean, pomegranate seeds are considered lucky, so why not have a pomegranate cocktail as your welcome drink? Fish has always been considered lucky as they represent abundance – perfect for a marriage with hopes of a healthy future.

Lucky coin

Coins are often considered a symbol of good luck and fortune, especially with the rhyme ‘find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck.’ An old tradition is to bake a penny into the wedding cake and luck will be brought to the person who finds it. Just be sure to warn your wedding guests first! Performing the Heimlich manoeuvre on your wedding day certainly isn’t an indication of good luck.

Lucky numbers

Each person has their own lucky number which is often based on a past experience or their culture – Asian cultures in particular consider numbers to have meanings of luck. Why not try to incorporate a lucky number into your big day in the form of the number of bridesmaids you have; the number of tables you have for your wedding breakfast; or use the number as a recurring design, for features such as your cake, balloons or centrepieces. 

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