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9 steps to turning your Bedroom into a Romantic Boudoir

Your bedroom is that particular space in your house where you spend a major part of the day. The Feng Shui of your bedroom does not only affect you, but also affects your personal life and marriage to a great extent.

Follow these simple and practical Feng Shui tips to improve your love life.

1. A clean room is more conducive to an intimate relationship than an untidy once so get cracking on that pile of laundry and stack of books. Make it a point to keep the bedroom clean and tidy all the time. And this includes all the closets, side tables, shelves and every other storage space in your room.

2. To start with, clean out under your bed. Well, it will reduce the storage space, but having nothing under your bed is an effective way to keep your bedroom filled with positive vibes. Besides, it will help in all aspects of your life, not just in relationships.


Red and pink are harmonious for lovers

3. Pick pieces that are red, pink and white in colours, such as white candles, red show pieces, and pink photo frame etc., while decorating your room, as these colour represent love and romance. However, ensure to decorate with pairs of items, and keep them united to signify your bond.

4. However, do not bring things that are not related to your personal life or sleep to your bedroom. Office files and folders, computers, laptops, television, family portraits, etc. should not be kept in your bedroom.



A light airy bedroom always works

6. Don't keep the windows and curtain of your bedroom closed all the time. It is important to let fresh air and sunlight enter the room, so that when you enter your bedroom you feel good about it and have a deep feeling of being in your own nest, irrespective of its size and fancy décor. So, open up the curtains and windows and let the natural light in. Also, paint the walls of your doors with light, pastel shades, which are easy on the eyes. After all, love cannot blossom in the dark!

7. Put a single mattress, wide enough to accommodate you and your beloved, on the bed. Do not sleep on a double bed with two different mattress, as this creates symbolic separation that could become real.



Silk sheets scream sexy

8. Nothing screams sexy like silk or satin bedsheets. Not only do these look gorgeous they create an ambience of luxury and indulgence which will set you in the mood for romance the moment you step in the door.

9. The right paintings and pictures can also work their magic so choose the images you decorate your bedroom walls with extremely wisely.




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