10 health resolutions worth making in 2013

When you’re making your New Year resolutions list, don’t forget to add these health resolutions in there as well!


10 health resolutions worth making in 201310 health resolutions worth making in 2013The best part of the New Year, besides the parties and the shopping, is by far the hope it offers to all of us world-weary souls. Here’s a chance to forget bygones and start afresh on a journey to be the best we can be.

So this New Year, while making your new year resolution list, don’t forget to add some simple health resolves to it. After all, what better blessing is there than a fit and healthy mind and body?

10 health resolutions worth making in 2013

 While good health is universal, some health targets are more applicable to certain groups of people than others. So depending on which group (or groups) you belong to, here are some health resolutions you absolutely must make for the coming year.

1. If you’re a woman – To start paying more attention to your own health.

Women are famous for the multiple roles they play on a daily basis. And in this attempt to play each role to perfection, many women forget to look after their own health. In 2012, make it a priority to get health checks like breast exams, Pap smears and bone density checks done in time. Also, start treating your own body like a temple and avoid skipping meals, finishing off left overs and skipping your workout just because something else had to be done.

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2. If you’re a man – To reduce stress and start visiting the doctor.

Due to social conditioning, many men feel the need to hide their real feelings, which often leads to stress build up. This same conditioning is also responsible for making men think that going to a doctor for a “minor” condition is not macho. The fact is that many major diseases can be prevented if you visit the doctor when early symptoms show. This year, promise to take the right measures to reduce stress and go to the doctor for routine tests, as well as when you’re in pain or discomfort of any kind.

 3. If you’re working – Establish a work-life balance and eat healthier at the office

This year, learn to say when you need to so you can spend more time doing things you love – like spending time with friends and family, pursuing hobbies, getting more fresh air and taking time to exercise and relax. Also, make it a point to drink plenty of water at work and carry healthy snacks like fruits and nuts, so you don’t end up munching oily samosas and puffs.

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4. If you’re mostly at home – Exercise 

Whether you work from home, take care of a child or are a home maker, you might find that because of the millions of never-ending errands and requests from family members, you may not get the time to take an hour or two to work out. This year, make a schedule of your daily tasks, put exercise right at the top and make sure you get it done.

5. If you’re a student – Eat healthy

Students are famous for not only skipping meals but also snacking on all sorts of unhealthy stuff while they’re cramming for their exams. This year, make a decision to consciously choose healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, nuts and healthy drinks like green tea, fresh lime and butter milk to keep by your side as you study.

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6. If you’re a parent – Quit the guilt 

As a parent, you are often faced with tough choices. And sometimes, no matter what choice you make, it’s accompanied by guilt. This year, promise to do the best you can and not kill yourself by comparing yourself to others. And remember to make time for yourself in your busy schedule. After all, a happy parent leads to a happier child.

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7. If you’re sexually active – Be safe

Remember, you are responsible for your own safety. This means you only have sex if it’s mutually consensual, make sure you’re using condoms and avoid putting yourself in a situation where you might be harming yourself or your partner.

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8. If you want to lose weight – No crash dieting

After years of research, there is still only one proven formula for weight loss. Weight loss = Healthy Eating + Regular Exercise + Enough Sleep
This year, promise to not go off certain food groups, or indulge in crazy magic powders that promise magical results. Simply make healthy eating choices, exercise daily and make sure you get a good night’s rest every night.

9. If you’re on the road a lot – Say no to road rage

We have no data to back us up, but we can safely say that in 2012, the number of cars on the road is only going to go up. Instead of cursing traffic and the people on the road, make sure you leave well in time and take measures to reduce your stress levels. After all, the only one getting hurt with all that yelling and screaming is you.

10.  If you’re a smoker – To quit.

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Have a healthy 2013 everyone!

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