10 Foods That Boost Memory

10 Foods That Boost MemoryDo you feel that you have a memory of a goldfish? Do you have to try too hard to remember your meeting and dates?

You probably need the right food to make your grey cells healthy. How you ask? Here is what we have for you: we tell you about 10 easily available foods that will help you fight against that memory loss problem you've been battling for sometime.


10 Foods That Boost Memory

How can anyone go wrong with a diet that includes chocolate? Research has proved that chocolate will help you increase your brainpower. Eating chocolate everyday helps, you fight against memory loss due to ageing. Chocolate contains polyphenols, which increases your blood flow towards the brain. However, do not eat an entire slab every day. 10 grams of sinful chocolate is enough bribe for your brain to function better.


10 Foods That Boost Memory

Back in your wonder years, everyone pestered you to eat your greens with a grin. Do you know why? They are packed with vitamins and folate. These nutrients protect you from dementia. Spinach is one of the best green leafy vegetable that you can count on. Half a cup of cooked spinach will provide you with the required amount of folate and Vitamin E and K. Cook your greens in olive oil and eat it for lunch. It is very important that you do not overcook your delicate greens as they lose their nutrients easily if over cooked, and in an open pan.


10 Foods That Boost Memory

No, we are not talking about your smart phone here. When it comes to remembering appointments, it sure will help you mark the date, but what if the battery dies? That is why you should eat Blackberries and stop being dependent on your smart phone for tiny things. Every cell of your body is an individual in itself and they talk to each other. This how information is processed and sent to your brain. The older you get, this communication takes longer to establish and this is why kids learn much faster and more easily. Blackberries contain antioxidants that enhance this communication between the neurons and help you grasp information easily. Munch on blackberries for your afternoon snack to keep the data flowing.

Olive oil

10 Foods That Boost Memory

Olive oil works wonders on your skin and health; it does the same with your brain. Virgin olive oil contains oleocanthal. This compound can fight against ADDLs that cause Alzheimer's and are toxic for the brain cells. ADDL attacks the brain cells and disrupt the communication between them causing memory loss. So stay protected from ADDL and replace your cooking oil right away.


10 Foods That Boost Memory

Fish can make you smart, and this fish will make you smart and sharp! Salmon contains DHA, an omega-3 fat, Vitamin D and other nutrients that keep your brain safe from mental disorders. Vitamin D in salmon is one of the main ingredients that you can bank on for improving your mental health. We suggest you marinate the salmon with extra virgin olive oil and herbs and eat it for dinner once a week.


10 Foods That Boost Memory

Not many of you would want to eat beet to increase your memory. However, let us tell you that this bright red vegetable will work wonders for you. It also contains nitrates that open up your blood vessels and allow more oxygen and blood to flow towards the brain. Eat this naturally sweet beet in the form of juice in the morning or add it to the salad to improve your brain performance. If you hate the taste, add lime and pepper to your juice and salad, which will instantly improve the taste.

Whole grains

10 Foods That Boost Memory

When buying bread, remember to ask for whole grain option. Whole grain contains antioxidants and is a great source of fibre. It also contains vitamins B and E that help you maintain the blood sugar level in the body. This eventually protects you from memory loss.


10 Foods That Boost Memory

All you java lovers turn around and tell the world that you'll never quit your coffee because it is making you sharp. Recent studies have proved that the caffeine in coffee helps you increase your productivity. It also helps you fight Alzheimer’s disease. Nevertheless, we suggest you stick to two cups of coffee a day coupled with other foods that help you boost memory.


10 Foods That Boost Memory

Apple is a completely ‘goody two-shoe’ fruit. It contains quercetin, that helps protect your brain cells. Quercetin is an antioxidant that keeps the flow of your mental juices adequate. They also keep your brain cells safe from the free radicals that cause cognitive decline. Remember to eat the skin of the apple, as this is where quercetin is found.


10 Foods That Boost Memory

Cinnamon is like whiskey. One needs to develop a taste for it. We suggest you start adding some cinnamon to your food right away because it will help you stay safe from Alzheimer’s disease. Proanthocyanidins and cinnamaldehyde are two components found in cinnamon which help deactivate tau proteins (Proteins that cause your brain cells to die). So, sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon in your juice or cereal every morning to stay smart.

These 10 foods, when consumed on a regular basis, will help you enhance your memory and fight against mental disorders. Most of them improve the blood and oxygen flow towards the brain and also help fight fatigue, making you more active. If you have been forgetting your anniversary very year, then it is high time you print this article and paste it on your kitchen wall until you improve your memory.

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